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Best Apps for Animals

Updated on December 29, 2015

Apps for Animals: Pet Care Goes Digital

Approximately 64% of US citizens own a smartphone and use mobile applications for at least 30 hours a month. Software developers offer a wide range of apps that track pets’ physical activity and whereabouts, educate owners on animal diseases and give advice on organizing pet’s leisure. As I am really passionate about application development and have a cute Maine coon, I cannot help but make a list of my favorite apps for animals.

Best game applications

  • Cat Fishing 2. Once I started my small research, I found out that vendors mostly craft apps for dog owners. It seems quite unfair to me, that’s why the Cat Fishing app lands atop the list. The app is suitable for both cell phones and tablets, although big screens are preferable. In order to start the game, place the tablet near your pet and press “Start”. The more fish your cat catches, the faster the pictures move. If your grumpy cat abandons the tablet for a while, the app will meow to attract his attention. Happy Wings by Friskies is pretty similar to Cat Fishing, although the fish is replaced with hummingbirds, dragonflies and moths. These apps will surely drive your cat crazy (in a positive way);
  • Game for Cats. What can be better than hunting a mouse, laser point, moth or some other moving creature – well, from your cat’s point of view? You’re absolutely right, nothing! And cat owners’ feedback on the App Store is here to prove it (my cat won’t leave alone when I take out my iPad).

Amazing pet care apps

  • Pet First Aid. Unfortunately, animals get sick as often as we do, so it’s really important to recognize symptoms of an illness before it gets too late. This amazing 99 cent app from the American Red Cross offers comprehensive data on first aid and health issues (with illustrations and videos);
  • Since Pet First Aid is designed for cats and dogs, Mark Rowland from Trinity Vet Center decided to fill the gap in veterinary education on exotic animals. With the help of the Exotic Pet Vet application you will easily recognize symptoms of most common veterinary diseases in degus, rabbits and chinchillas. The program also provides basic information on daily pet care and health conditions;
  • Pet Phone. At various stages your pet’s life, you have to take it to the vets annually, every 3 months or even every 4 weeks. In order not to miss the next appointment, you should download the Pet Phone application that offers multiple calendars for doctor and grooming planning, medication guidelines and meal records.

Amazing dog walking software

  • Wag. You’d like to have a dog, but don’t have enough time to walk it? Wag Labs found a great solution for busy dog owners. With the help of the Wag app, you can book an experienced dog walker and monitor his route via GPS. Jason Meltzer, Wag’s CEO, also hopes to reduce the amount of homeless dogs in LA, his home town, since the app allows more potential dog owners to get on board;
  • MapMyDogWalk. Worried your Labrador doesn’t get enough exercise? Having downloaded the MapMyDogWalk application, you can track such walk parameters as distance, duration and pace. The data is uploaded to the MapMyDogWalk website where you can find your complete workout history. The program also allows you to take geo-tag photos, listen to music with the app running and share data in social networks.

Do animals really need mobile applications?

I must confess I haven’t found any data on the question, so it’s just my thoughts. Technology truly dominates our life. Enterprises embrace Cloud solutions; doctors broadcast surgeries with the help of Google Glass; Apple TV is likely to replace cable channels in the near future.

We love our pets and surely want them to be happy. Why not use apps for animals? Those who claim that LED-screen devices can damage pets’ eyes should google info on Reticare filters. So, I see no reason to abandon technology and will definitely download more apps for my pet.

What do YOU think?

Best Apps for Pets

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