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Best Betta Tanks, Betta Bowls For Under $25

Updated on February 10, 2015

This is one of my favorite topics to write about because their are tons of Betta bowls and lots of Betta tanks out their to choose from.  Alot of Betta tanks and bowls are under $25 so this makes it affordable for everyone to enjoy.  Whether you like bowls, hanging bowls, or betta character bowls it's all their and here for you to enjoy.

When selecting a betta bowl the brand really doesn't matter, what matters is that you like the bowl your selecting and that your betta will be comfortable in it.  Remember bettas are use to little rice patties where they are from.  So a half gallon bowl usually does the trick.  I'm going to show you most of the tanks avaible for under $25 from amazon and ebay.  I have used many of these or know someone who has and want to share the product quality with you.

Betta Fish Bowls

If you or someone you know love Disney or Nemo then this would be perfect for you or them. The bowl is a half gallon bowl that features Nemo, Sheldon, Tad, and Pearl on the bottom of it. For under $25 you can't really beat this deal. Your kids will love the Finding Nemo Theme. Come check out these really cool betta fish tanks

Betta Fish Tank

This wall mount Betta fish tank is the coolest thing that you could possible get.  The tank hangs on the wall and becomes your moving piece of art.  The tank is easy to clean as long as it's kept out of direct sun light.  It's made from Acrylic so it's extremely durable.  It also has a 10 inch diameter. I love this Betta tank so much I have 4 of them in my house.

Betta Aquarium

These two Betta aquariums are really neat and are a favorite among alot of people in the fish hobby.  These tanks have really cool designs on them and can also be hung up on your wall, put on your desk and on your desk at work.  The aquarium is a half gallon so it's great for a bettas and it doesn't have a lot of current to the water which can be harmful to bettas.

Small Fish Tanks

This small fish tank is great for betta's it's a 1 gallon aquarium that can be placed on desktops, kitchen counter, or any other place the tank is small and easy to place anywhere because it's not to heavy.  This can also be used for one goldfish for a starter tank.


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