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Best Cat Box For Your House

Updated on December 24, 2015


Kittens | Source

Your Kitten

You wanted a pet and decided to get a kitten, even though they are cute as could be they still have needs like any other animal. You may have a stylish home that has no place to put a cat box, relax, you have some choices and I am here to help.

I am going to call myself an expert on this matter because I went through it and spent many hours myself trying to find the best option for my home.

How To Litter Train A Kitten

Kittens are much easier to train then dogs when it comes to this, they do not have to hold it and wait to be let out like dogs do so there is less training involved. The mommy cat is also a big help, the kitten learns from the mother and needs very little training. There are just some changes you need to make so the mother can teach her young to use the box itself.

The kitten is small so you need to provide a box that the kitten can get into, with low sides. I actually use a pizza pan and place it near the kittens sleep area so they do not have far to travel. Once they start moving around they will follow mom and the smells will teach them what they need to do. They should learn on their own, all the kittens I had knew to use the box.

I had a kitten that was abandoned by the mom and could not eat yet, I was bottle feeding her and she knew how to use the pan. It is an instinct. You just have to show them where it is and that they can dig because it is natural for them to cover it up.

My House

I cherish my home and try to keep it nice, when I accept a pet I want to be able to give it a good life and keep my house nice also. Cats seem to be a clean animal and they are so loving, there are many ways to live with a cat in your house. The biggest thing with having a cat is the litter box, if you have an out of the way spot for this you are lucky, some people have to make it fit into their living space. I have found a few ways that work for both of these situations and I think they are functional as well.

The love you get from a pet, especially a cat is

Get A Box That Looks Good In Your Home

This works well where you have room for a table, or have a table and can replace it with this to add the cat box in the room. I would like this next to the washer in the utility room, you do not have to see a litter box and you can put your clothing basket on top of it.

Your new kitten will be full of energy and curiosity, it will get into everything so you may have to kitten proof the home just like you would child proof it. I make sure there is nothing that can hurt the kitten and I get plenty of toys to keep it busy. Take plenty of pictures because they grow up fast and it is so cute looking back at them when they were little.

My cat is my best friend, she kept me company and got me through some lonely nights. Now that I have met someone my cat had to approve of her as well, there were a few ladies that she did not like but this one she took to. She spends as much time with her as with me, I should be jealous but I am happy that they like each other and my cat has another person that loves and looks after her. My cat still does things that shows me I am the one for her, she is loyal to me even if she likes this new person. The cat never ceases to amaze me, it is like she knows how I feel and what I think. She is concerned with my feelings and making me happy, this is why I go so far to make her happy. If you form a bond like this with your cat you will understand, you have to know they are more then property and you have to treat them as friends and talk to them. My cat is my best friend and I treat her that way.

They can get into the funniest places and do the most hilarious things that you never would have thought of.

Now this is my favorite and the one I have, I do change how I use it sometimes. I have placed it near the window and put the cat bed on it, she likes to watch the birds out the window and will nap there throughout the day. It is large enough to store the extra litter in and makes it easy to clean. Everything is in one spot when I clean the litter box.

Espresso Litter Box

5 stars for Litter Box Enclosure By Espresso

Do You Have A Cat?

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Cat Pooping Outside The Litter Box

The only time I ever had a problem with my cat was when the litter box was dirty, if it was bad she would not go in it and poop in front of it. This only happened a few times when I was away for the weekend, I had someone to feed her but they would not clean the box, when it got bad she went in front of it. The way I have fixed this was to add a second box somewhere else in the house.

Living with a cat is actually easy and the love you get back is so rewarding, they love attention when they want it. Making sure the cat has food and a clean place to use the bathroom is all the normal care that is needed, they do get sick like we do. They may need a trip to the vet and medication afterwards, all in all they are easy to care for.

kitten | Source

My New Kitten

After you get your new kitten and she is home. It will take a little time for her to get use to the new place and new noises, show it where everything is a few times and let it have time to search and adjust. Making sure you have a box it can use is important, you have to remember the kitten may be small and not able to get into a big box. If the sides are to high you can put something for it to climb on or use a temporary pan in the same spot as the real one will be. I have used a pizza pan for little kittens because it has almost no sides, you just have to clean up after every mess. I sometimes leave a mess in there the first few days so they know that is where there are supposed to go. Cleaning it up right away may make them think they went in the wrong spot. After they are big enough to get into the full size box you got for them you can switch it with the pan and they should be fine and start using it.

Solving a problem with cats comes down to thinking and common sense most of the time. If you are smart then pay attention to the problem and think of ways you can solve it.

Having a pet is the best feeling when they show you love and attention, you know they love you for you and have no other motives. Kittens are the best and I always say to take many pictures while they are little so you have then to look back on, they do grow up fast.

Multiple Cats

When you have more then one cat you will need a second litter box, This is because it will fill faster. The second box can give the cats separation and a sense of their pwn place to go.

This can prevent problems and fighting by creating a place for each animal to feel is their own.

© 2015 Vince


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