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Best Cordless Electric Dog Clippers

Updated on July 28, 2015
Cute Yorkie!
Cute Yorkie! | Source

Why Cordless Dog Clippers are the Best!

When grooming a dog, you won't want to worry about your clipper's cord getting in the way. That is why going cordless when buying a new clipper for your dog is the best route to take!

It's definitely is not rocket science. A little common sense is all one needs to conclude that, especially your particular dog doesn't like to have haircuts. We have two yorkies, and let's just say that the one dog totally despises anything to do with cutting hair or cleaning. He just doesn't like it, and so anytime we ask him if he wants a bath, he knows, and tries to slink away as quietly and quickly as possible!

Humor aside, a dog like this will naturally try to squirm away. Sometimes, depending on the size and amount of fight in the dog you're going to have more than one person helping you. If this sound a little to familiar, you do not want to about the cord of the clipper to get all wrapped around the dog, or worse, yourself!

So, in the following sections we'll see what types of electric dog clippers are out there that do NOT have a cord.

Wahl ARCO Clipper Demonstration

Professional Cordless Arco Clipper

The first one we're going to talk about is the professional cordless arco clipper by Wahl. The link to the right takes you to amazon where you can buy the Arco kit.

The kit includes the Arco clipper (of course), two NIMH batteries so you charge one up while using the other, an adjustable blade that has five different settings, a charging base, a bonus dvd that shows how to use the clipper correctly, 4 slides for different hair styles, and blade cleaning oil and a brush so you can keep your clippers clean and in working condition.

This cordless clipper is fairly lightweight at 7.9 oz. The benefit of having something that's lightweight is because if you're going to more than one dog back to back, your arm will get tired very quickly if you have something a bit more heavy duty.

Just because the clipper is lightweight doesn't mean it won't do it's job as good. These clippers "bite" at a rate of about 5500 strokes a minute. Despite this much power however, it does not make much noise.

Oster Volt Clippers

Oster Volt Lithium Ion Pet Clipper

Out of the three clippers displayed on this page, this product is probably the most durable. According to the reviews on amazon, they last substantially longer than most, including Wahl and Andis.

These clipper aren't as lightweight as the ARCO, but they are still not as heavy as some either. They also aren't as powerful as the previous one, 2200 strokes per minutes. They are still strong enough that you'll still be able to cut through some thick hair.

One thing that is a huge plus for these clippers is they have very long battery life. These clippers can last up to two hours on a single charge. This is probably because of the lithium-ion battery in these things. These types of batteries produce twice the power as normal alkaline batteries.

I think these clippers are a great buy for someone who doesn't want to buy another one in a couple of months.

Andis Easy-Clip Freedom Cord/Cordless Pet Clipper

These dog clippers are the cheapest displayed on this page. At below $50 in cost when purchased on Amazon, these offer high value vs price ratio. At one hour run time per battery charge, these clippers won't last quite as long as the Oster Volt clippers, but still long enough to get the job done.

If you do decide you want to use the clippers a bit longer, the cord can be attached and is useable while the battery is charging.

The link to amazon is also a kit offer, and it come with the following list of items...

  • 1 x Andis Freedom Clipper
  • 1 x how-to DVD
  • 1x charger
  • 6x blade gaurds
  • 1x carrying/storing case

These clippers are great for dogs who don't need a haircut that often. However, don't expect them to last long if you use them for long/thick-haired dogs, like a Yorkshire Terrier!


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