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Best Custom Dog Collars

Updated on February 18, 2011

My new puppy will, eventually need a good collar and although it will be a few months before she stops all her growing I am on the hunt for a nice one for going out. An everyday collar will do on walks and I want the quick release kind but to go visit or a trip to the veterinarian will require something more elegant.

I have always liked a leather dog collar on a dog am constantly on the lookout for something extra special. First I love buying local and/or American. No offense to any other countries but we need to keep it going here in the US of A. I have found two custom leather artists that I admire their work greatly.

The first is pretty close to home in Wilmington, NC and is Handcrafted DogCollars. Found by a chance search on the internet these are most definitely some of the finest leather custom dog collars I have ever seen. They have a standard line of models that fit any need or purpose. Their website is fun to browse and their collars are all named after family members, human and canine. Each collar has a little story on why they are named. Be careful some may bring a tear or two if you are in love with dogs as I am. It seems that since they are all custom made you can specify the materials and adornments. They offer leather, ostrich, alligator, and even stingray with engraved brass plates and brass buckles. I found their prices to be very reasonable for the work of arts they produce. They have matching leads as well as other leather products. It is, quite obvious; this is a company that has a passion for both leather and dogs. I would be proud to adorn any of my dogs with these custom dog collars.

Second is a company I have eyed for years. Their main product is the most incredible boots I have ever seen. They are Rocketbuster Boots in El Paso, Texas. They do some other items as well, one of which is custom dog collars. These dog collars are a little on the artsy side. I like them very much and they have several different styles, some carved or stamped and some carved and painted or dyed, however they do that. They are custom made to the size of the dog’s neck and, I assume, made to order. You can get your dog’s name on one model. In particular I like the ones on the first page that has some tiki designs with hot rod flames and dice. Very sporty! Ladies they make some good looking handbags as well.

You always need some holiday dog collars to pep up your pup. I found cozy critter to carry just about anything you need. Their cloth collars are in the everyday style with quick release buckles and can be custom embroidered. Pirates, flames, and your favorite sporting teams they have them all. In the same patterns they make a nice bandanna that the collar slips through so you don't have to tie it around Spots neck.

We humans get mighty creative when it comes to our dogs. Thank goodness for the artists out there, keep it up friends. I liked all three of these producers and can see buying from all of them in the future. Rocketbuster Boots makes some fun everyday collars, Handcrafted DogCollars are the stepping out best I've seen and cozy critter has the ones just for plain fun. We like to look good and so should your pal.


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