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Best Dog tags for dogs | Personlised pet tags - At Amazon

Updated on February 14, 2011

Dog tags or IDs are something that dog owners are recommended to get if they really care for their pets. Pet tags and IDs have now become a common and good practice for the pet owners in many ways. Reasons are many but the most important one is the fact that you consider your dogs as not just pets but a part of your family. So at least for the sake of protection of your pets, you are always advised to buy dog tags for your dogs if you haven't bought one yet.

Besides simply buying a dog tag for your dog, you have to keep certain simple but important things in your mind. As we all know, tags serve the purpose of identification and therefore this thing should be given prior importance rather than getting a fashionable dog tag like a lot of people do. So let it be straight : Mention your complete address and phone number in the tag. And it is always recommended to mention any reward  that you intend to give for the one who saves your pet's life or brings it back to you. This seemed to be working good since people love such things. It's all about how much you love your dogs or cats.

Now the next thing to give importance is about purchasing a dog tag which is personalized as you wish since there are thousands of designed and fashionable dog tags out there. There are a lot of choices available while you purchase one for your pet, like the material used in the tag, designs used, shape of the tag, style and color included, etc. Even though these are not of prime importance, yet people love doing it and your dogs look great with these aspects. So there's nothing wrong in choosing a stylish, cool and attractive dog tag. So let us have a look at how you make use of the options in dog tags.

Stainless steel, brass, aluminum and plastic are the common materials used in pet tags and out of them, stainless steel is the most preferred one which comes in a lot of varieties just like the plastic ID tags. They are good even for men (when speaking about skin problems while wearing) and thus they are of course good in your dog's neck too.  Similarly, shapes can be of anything ranging from a simple figure like square or rectangle up to modern and fashionable necklace-type ones that celebrities use to wear (lol).

So if you are just looking for a dog ID to serve the purpose of identification of your pet, then you can go for the industry standard models of tags which are minimal in design and style. But if you give equal importance to the beauty of the tag in your pet's neck, then you can go for a custom and fashionable dog ID tag which seems to be a regular practice for majority of the pet owners in United States today.

Technology plays every where and thus it played in the case of dog tags also. It simply means electronic dog ID tags, which are capable of storing information regarding the medical details of your pet, address, etc which serves to be a great advantage in case of any emergency. And these are not very costly also. About the dimensions, the common dog tags available in the market are of 0.75 to 2 inches in size. So based on the size of your pet, you can choose the tag which looks lovely on your dog's neck. The same thing applies for the weight of your dog also.


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