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Best High Fiber Cat Food

Updated on June 4, 2014

Cats are carnivores and usually don’t need high levels of fiber in their diets. There are a few notable exceptions. Cats with diabetes are often fed high fiber cat food to help control blood glucose levels, and cats that hack up hairballs use this type of diet to flush the food and hair through their system more quickly so that it doesn’t irritate the stomach and cause vomiting. Also, overweight and obese cats can benefit from a faster digestive system. By moving the food through faster, less of the calories are absorbed, and weight loss can begin.

Keep in mind that there is absolutely no reason for a healthy cat to be put on a high fiber cat food; in fact, it would probably hurt to do so. These are the five best cat foods available today for cats that have been put on a high fiber diet.

Give your kitty high fiber cat food and keep your best friend healthy.
Give your kitty high fiber cat food and keep your best friend healthy.

Hill's Science Diet Adult Light Formula Dry Cat Food

Hill’s Science Diet has always been a favorite of my veterinarian. They offer a four pound bag of Diet Light Adult dry food. It is relatively high in fiber and contains several essential vitamins needed by older and overweight cats. This is often used as a diabetic food but rarely for hairballs.

Royal Canin Veterinary Diet Feline Calorie Control

The eighteen pound bag of Royal Canin Calorie Control cat food is the priciest on the list, but it comes highly recommended for cats with gastrointestinal problems or that are severely overweight. There is also a wonderful canned wet food with the same attributes. The use of non-soluble fibers in this food provide bulk without any nutritional value so the cat feels full without taking in too many calories. This is a great diet food for obese and diabetic cats.

Professional Dry Food for Adult Cats, Light Cat Hairball Control Formula

Professional Dry Food offers up a hairball control formula that adds powdered cellulose to its food to promote quick digestion. This helps prevent hairballs and effectively lowers calorie intact to help keep your cat lean and healthy. The eighteen pound bag usually runs just under $30 on

Iams Veterinary Formula Intestinal Low Residue Canned Cat Food

If you cat likes moist canned food, then Iams has you covered. Their Intestinal Low Residue food is perfect for the kitty with a sensitive digestive system. It is high in fiber as well as Omega 3 and Omega 6 fats to leave her coat shiny and skin soft. It is not recommended for obese cats, but is a good food to try for hairball prevention.

Eukanuba Adult Indoor Weight Control & Hairball Formula Dry Cat Food

Eukanuba’s sixteen pound Adult Indoor Weight Control & Hairball Formula dry cat food is perfect for overweight, diabetic or hairball prone cats. It uses Whole Grain Sorghum and powdered cellulose to promote quick and efficient digestion. This isn’t the highest fiber cat food on the list but is effective for any ailment that would require a high fiber cat food diet.

If you are looking for a high fiber cat food for your feline friend, then any of these five are the top choices.


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