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The Best Hummingbird Feeder

Updated on May 27, 2011


Did You Know?

 Did you know that some hummingbirds spend their winters as far south as South America? Just imagine flying from as far north as Alaska or Canada to South America- an amazing task for such a tiny bird!

Best Ways To Attract Hummingbirds


Hummers are interesting, colorful, and just plain fun to have around.

One of the best ways to attract hummingbirds to your yard is to set out nectar feeders for them. At the start of spring, local stores display the new hummingbird feeder models- the many colors and designs used to make the feeders catch the attention of passer-bys, they glitter and shine in the sun, and as the cashiers ring up our new purchases for our feathered friends, we envision masses of tiny jewel colored birds flitting to and from the lovely feeders.

But, not all hummingbird feeders are created equal….

The Fight!


For many years, every spring we would get out our colorful hummingbird feeders, fill them with nectar, and then the fight was on! Not between the hummingbirds- oh no!

Between us, and the ants, and the wasps, and the bees, and anything else that decided that the feeders were fair game! One year, we had so many wasps and ants in the feeders that the hummers would not come anywhere near them, and only fed off of the few flowers in our yard that were to their liking.


Walking by the feeders was at your own risk… too close and the wasps would viciously attack.

Trying to change the solution in the feeders was a battle every time- you needed a suit of armor (or a bee suit!) just to get near the feeders, much less take them down to refill them! Needless to say, we ended up with a lot of painful wasp bites, throwing out most of the sugar solution due to spoilage from the insects, and we never did get to enjoy the hummers.


Then there was the cleaning issue- wild birds carry many things on their beaks, from bacteria to just plain dirt. Eventually, the feeding ports on the feeders tend to grow mold, and just get dirty. Out come old toothbrushes, bottlebrushes, and anything else that will scrub the grime away….except it never completely disappears! Bleaching, boiling, and more scrubbing, and still, some of the grime remains, not to mention residue from the chemicals used to try to eradicate it. That can’t be good!


After trying feeder after feeder, with the same results (mold/mildew, wasps/bees, and ants in the solution!), I researched hummingbird feeders and found a description of one that sounded like it might solve all of these problems. I took the plunge and ordered it.


When it arrived, I could see that it was very different in design from other feeders we had used in the past. I filled it and putting on a long-sleeved shirt and armed with a fly(wasp)swatter, hung it outside the window in place of the old feeder which was filled with wasps and ants- again.


The wasps attacked me as best they could as I wiped ants off the hanger and placed the new feeder on it. Retreating inside, I watched through the window as the wasps tried to gain access to the nectar inside the feeder and failed- time and again.


By the next morning, the wasps were gone, and the ants were too- just a few determined die-hards had drowned in the ant moat. As an added bonus, there was a brightly colored hummer sitting on the feeder, sipping nectar serenely.

I ordered a second feeder that day.


Over the course of the season, more and more hummers appeared, and 2 years later, we are a regular stop on their yearly migration.

The feeders are strong, durable, super easy to clean, and the hummers obviously love them.

Looking out the window, we can even see their little tongues through the clear bases of the feeders as they sit and fill their bellies!

Hummers Love this Feeder!

The Best Hummingbird Feeder


We have two of them. They are Hummzinger Excel feeders made by Aspects. I have included a couple of links to them below on If you are in the market for a Hummingbird feeder, I highly recommend the Hummzinger feeders- there are many unique benefits to having them, they are extremely durable and have a lifetime guarantee as well. I have listed all the points about them below the links.

Read the good stuff about the Hummzingers below, then go to the links and make your purchase!



Ø     REALLY Easy to clean 

Ø     Lifetime Guarantee

Ø     Unbreakable polycarbonate construction

Ø     UV stable - will not fade in the sun. (hang in shade to avoid syrup spoilage)

Ø     Extremely durable metal hangar or is post mountable

Ø     Bee/wasp proof by design

Ø     Raised flowers divert rain (no snap on flowers) so syrup won’t dilute

Ø     Built in ant moat with overflow drain channels

Ø     16-ounce capacity with syrup level scale on the side of the base

Ø     Perch completely encircles feeder encouraging hummers to stay

Ø     Saucer like shape makes feeder very stable when hanging- barely moves during high wind

Ø     Syrup recipe stamped into the underside of lid for easy reference

Nectar Recipe:

Please see my other hub about the:

Easy Hummingbird Nectar Solution Recipe

Enjoy watching these fascinating little birds!


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