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Top 10 Best Pet Dog Breeds For The Family

Updated on October 23, 2014

Dogs - Man's Bestfriend

Dogs are really great companions for you and your family. They are intelligent, caring and adorable pets to keep in your family and become a member of the family within seconds. But if you want a good family dog which will be ideal as a Family dog or a dog for your kids then we have these top 10 best Pet Dogs list.

These dogs are friendly and less aggressive and can be trained to follow your instructions. Choose a pet dog according to your family and needs. Of course, there are some considerations you need to mull over so that you can come up with the best choice. Read on and take a look at these dog breeds that will surely capture your heart.

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Labrador Retriever: Gentle Soul

If you are looking for a friendly and easy to maintain pet which will give your super active kids or family members company then Labrador retriever is a very good choice. It is medium sized and has a very playful and active nature. It can easily be trained and as per records of registered ownership among countries like UK, United States, new Zealand , Canada, Australia etc.

Labrador retriever or in short ‘Lab’ is popularly trained to aid people with visual disabilities, autism as well as help law enforcers in different situations. They are friendly and thus don’t make for great watchdogs but they can very easily be trained to follow your orders. Labradors are happy pets and will be free around kids of all ages. They love to chew so keeping lots of chew toys are really necessary and they require constant care and feeding too. While in a problem a Lab surely can be trained to help you in any situation which makes it a great pet dog.

Poodles: Beauty and Brains

Poodles which mean the Standard Breed of poodle are really good pets for kids and families. They have a small built and are very cheerful. Poodles have one of the least shedding making it great for your home if you have kids or family members with allergy symptoms. They are really fun to play with and only need to be groomed once in a while to trim down the excess fur.

The poodle has been believed to have originated in Germany and the name Poodle has been derived from the English word ‘puddle’ which means to splash around. The standard poodle was bred as a water dog and is quite famous as show dogs too. The standard poodle is a fun and smart companion for kids and can be trained easily.

German Shepherd: Guardian / Companion

German shepherds are a good combination of family dogs and guard dogs. They are energetic and fun loving and bond with kids. They are quite fond of their masters and make for great companions. They are basically working dogs which mean they need proper exercise, walking and outside exposure to stay healthy. They are an intelligent breed with good amounts of strength and are highly trainable. These dogs make for an obedient and friendly pet.

German Shepherds are frequently used as guard dogs, rescue dogs and for military and law enforcement related roles. Only after Lab in popularity among USA and fourth in UK this is a breed you can easily bring home as a pet dog.

Bulldog: Cute and Adorable

Bulldog is the national Animal of England. They are gentle and look adorable with their large wrinkles and a quite nature. Bulldogs are not very energetic which means you can go a bit easy on exercise and walks. They make for great companions for kids as they can tolerate all of the irritations and tantrums of kids and still be gentle and quiet.

Bulldogs are not very energetic making them suitable for smaller kids too. They are very less prone to fierce attitude and are less choosy about where they reside making them apt for large families and home as well as a small apartment. They are quite sensitive to warm weather so they require a cool and less sunny place to live.

Golden Retriever: Active and Friendly

Golden Retrievers are one of the most loved dog breeds because of their friendly nature and their ability to forgive and forget the owner’s faults. They are perfect for any family size and become very friendly with the children in a very short amount of time. Anytime, you can find the best golden retriever for sale in your area coz this breed is quite popular.

Golden Retriever is an energetic breed and become friends with strangers quite instantly, making them a good companion for kids as well as adults. They are loyal and kind and forgive harsh behaviors quite easily making them perfect for petting. They have a less lifespan than normal dogs but they tend to live beyond the average age and are a very loyal and cheerful member of your family.

The Newfoundland: Nature's Babysitter

Widely known as ‘nature’s Babysitter’ this large dog breed is known for their love for kids and their loyalty towards them. They are protective, gentle and patient and do not become aggressive at children. They are over protective and make for perfect companion for your child or for your family too. They are intelligent and have great strength and make for great rescue dogs especially for water rescue. They are easily trainable and are perfect examples of working dogs.

Usually the Newfoundland dogs blend well with other animals too but because of their size they can be problematic for very small children but toddlers and kids above 3/4years will love them as well as elders.

Labradoodle: Gentle and Hypoallergenic

This crossbred dog has been created by crossing Labrador retriever and Standard poodle/miniature poodle. They are mostly hypoallergenic thus make for a great allergen –free guide dog. If you need a good guide dog or a pet for assistance for a family member or kids then this breed is a good choice. Labradoodle was bred to make the two important qualities of both the dogs- the trainability and good temper of Labrador and the less shedding fur of a poodle combine into a single hybrid.

Labradoodle not being a typical breed (Till now not being recognized as a breed) does not show consistent characteristic which are predictable. The appearances of Labradoodles have a few varieties as some have straight fur or some may have wiry or curly fur. They shed very less and are generally friendly with all family members and children too. They have good swimming skills which are inherited from both parent breeds which are water dogs. There are so many labradoodle puppies for sale in different parts of US, and Australia that you consider when you decide to get one for your family.

Collie: Loving and Playful

Playful and loving towards children Collie is a breed which can be a great pet dog for any family and especially active children. They are easily trainable and can be very loyal and protective. They have the ability to keep up with children and make them enjoy their playtime all the while being very protective about the family members. They are good dogs to keep at home to as they can easily sense and alert you if there is any danger near. The breed Collie is very rarely aggressive and make for perfect pet to families who are new to Dogs.

Beagle: Active and Smart

Adored by kids and adults alike this breed is perfect for a family with children. Especially small children will love having a beagle as pet as they are warm and friendly and are very less prone to aggressiveness. They are energetic which means kids will love playing with them and they will require daily exercise. They have a hypoallergenic coat,making them perfect for kids with allergies and health problems. They require very less grooming due to their genetically short coat. Being intelligent kids love playing with them and learn easily.

Find more dog breeds that don't shed much.

Boxer: Protective and Gentle

Boxers are protective and desire human affection thus making them a perfect choice for petting. They can fit into any family easily and bond with children easily. They are a protective breed and enjoy playing with children. They are cheerful with children and are perfect companions to active kids. Being gentle they do not present any risk to children or any family members and also are protective of the family members.

There are many other adorable and good breeds of dogs which make great pets like the Bull Terrier, Dachshund, Rottweiler, Irish Settler, Dalmatian, Vizsla, Mutts, Yorkshire terrier, Pug, Saint Bernard and more. Choosing a perfect dog breed depends on a good number of things like the number of family members, your house size, whether you have a good amount of time to devote towards your pet and your lifestyle as well as the requirement. Most dogs from this post are great for a family with kids as well and will be good as the first pet for your kids. These dogs are kind, gentle and intelligent as well as energetic making them perfect for playing with children and keeping them busy. We hope you find your perfect pet soon.


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