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Angels Eyes the Best Product For Getting Rid of Dog Tears Stains Angel Eyes Reviewed.

Updated on December 17, 2010

Where do tears come from on your dog why?

Using Angel Eyes will help clear tear stains from your dog.First when a dog has tears run down on to the fur it causes it to become wet making a perfect breeding ground for bacteria and mainly red yeast which causes the staining. Tearing mainly can be from the food quality or smoking by the owner of course. Dog Foods that I recommend for less tear problems would be Wellness Dog Food and Blue Buffalo dog food as well as any other natural dog food. People say switching a dog to a low wheat diet can have good results so even a wheat free diet sounds the way to go. One more major tearing and staining problem could be lots of minerals in your water so that's something that you could check into. You could get a water filter to help reduce minerals in the water. The one thing about angel eyes  that scares people about this product is the low grade antibiotic (tylosin tartrate). Any antibiotic in a product like this can scare some one. But this product is awesome and works great. I have talked to dozens of people and they swear by it. The price tag is a little high but worth it.

Label Information for Angel Eyes

100-percent pure beef liver, tylosin as tartrate

Nutrition Facts
Crude protein (min.) 67.6%
Crude fat (min.) 10.6%
Crude fiber (min.) 0.1%
Moisture (min.) 6.0%
Ash (max.) 4.8%

Special Instructions
Puppies (up to three months): 1/8-teaspoon daily
Dogs 2 to 5 pounds: 1/4-teaspoon daily
Dogs 5 to 8 pounds: 1/2-teaspoon daily
Dogs 8 to 12 pounds: 3/4-teaspoon daily
Dogs 12 pounds and up: 1-teaspoon daily

Kittens (up to three months): 1/8-teaspoon daily
Kittens 2 to 5 pounds: 1/4-teaspoon daily
Cats 5 to 8 pounds: 1/2-teaspoon daily
Cats 8 to 12 pounds: 3/4-teaspoon daily
Cats 12 pounds and up: 1-teaspoon daily

Safe during pregnancy and for puppies over six weeks old.

So why choose angel eyes.

What separates Angel Eyes from other tear stain products is that the other products are just temporarily effective and the tear stains come back. Angel Eyes works from the inside out and helps break down or get rid of things in the dogs body that causes the red yeast to live. This is safe for puppies 6 weeks old or older. Also if your dog is pregnant it's safe. Angel Eyes can take 3-5 weeks to begin to work. So give it time and you'll love it.


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