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Best Senior Dog Foods!

Updated on August 8, 2011

You can't always just feed your dogs the same food throughout their entire life cycle. Puppies need puppy food, big dogs need large breed foods, and older dogs need specialized foods for senior dogs!

Senior dogs need extra attention when it comes to what they eat and what types of minerals and vitamins they need in their diet. As dogs grow older, their bodies stop producing the essential vitamins and minerals they need for a healthy lifestyle. Because these nutrients are no longer produced naturally, they must be supplemented in the form of dog food for older dogs.

There are many important factors that need to be taken into consideration when reviewing the nutrition for senior dogs. First and foremost, it should be noted that they need much less food on a daily basis than younger dogs. The reason for this is that the metabolism naturally slows as the dog becomes older, and eating the same amount of food as the dog ages will eventually lead to obesity.

If you combine food intake with a decrease in the amount of exercise because of pain and other issues, older dogs can gain as much as 20 percent or more weight when they start to age! Make sure your dog's diet is also high in fiber to help fight obesity, colon cancer, diabetes and constipation.

Do you give your senior dog special food?

Do you still give your regular dog food to your older dog, or do you use a special senior dog food brand?

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Can you give senior dogs snacks still?

Remember, dogs are trained to enjoy doing tricks for their owners. This doesn't change as your dog ages at all! Because of this, you should make sure your dog receives snacks on a fairly regular basis. Your dog will be much happier if it still gets that special attention from you when you give it snacks for being good or doing a trick.

Veterinarians recommend feeding your dog healthy, low-fat and low-sodium snacks as they become older. Snacks loaded with salt and fat tend to increase the chances of your dog developing obesity or becoming overweight. Thankfully there are many age-appropriate dog snack choices available to put a smile on your senior dog's face!

Another important factor to keep in mind as your dog ages is the amount of water they are taking in. As dogs get older, their body’s ability to absorb and use the nutrients inside of water is diminished. Because of this, they need more water to remain healthy and active. Increasing their water intake can also be beneficial in keeping their joints lubricated and healthy.

What goes along with senior dog food choices? How about learning about senior dog teeth care tips! Keep those teeth healthy and your dog will likely live a healthier life in general.

Any other tips about senior dog foods?

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