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Best Puppy Toys

Updated on October 15, 2014

Finding the Perfect Puppy Toys

Finding the best dog toy for a new puppy can be a difficult task because each puppy is different - however they ALL love to chew! Just like babies, puppies teethe and teething hurts. However, chewing alleviates the pain that happens as a puppy’s adult teeth come in. Chances are that if you don’t provide an appropriate chew toy for your puppy, he’ll find something else to chew on - something that you might not want to be chewed!

Soft Squeaky Toys

Depending on your puppy’s breed, these soft toys may or may not be a good choice after puppyhood but for young puppies, these toys are soothing to chew and fun to squeak. Soft and squeaky toys are also appealing because, unlike harder toys, they are lightweight and easy for a puppy to carry around. In addition, most are machine washable and dryer safe. Something to consider: These type of puppy toys come either stuffed or unstuffed. Very young pups most likely won’t be able to chew open any toy, but as pups grow (and depending on the breed) they may be able to tear open the stitching. That means if the soft toy has stuffing that the stuffing can be pulled out and eaten. This can cause serious (not to mention expensive) medical issues. Unstuffed soft toys are just as fun to chew on, come with squeakers and are safer than stuffed dog toys.

Hard Chew Toys

Dog toys with a more substantial feel are sometimes a good bet if a puppy tries to chew on things like wood, stone and other solid objects. A good material for puppies is a soft rubber like the non-toxic, environmentally-friendly Zogoflex material that West Paw uses for their dog toys. It’s important to spend a little extra for a quality chew toy that is made from non toxic materials rather than skimping and going to the dollar store for cheap-o toys. Many of those are made from chemical concoctions that are not only toxic but the materials aren’t durable and can break off in chokeable chunks. Nylon chew toys, like those made from Nylabone can also be good if they are made specifically for puppies. The best ones aren’t smooth but rather have bumps or grooves - something that a puppy, with little teeth and a small mouth and grab onto.

Treat Toys

Not that a puppy needs to be enticed to chew, but puppy toys that either dispense treats or that have rawhide in the toy can be extra fun for puppies! The treat-dispensing toys that are made from rubber are ideal because, since puppies like to chew on everything, it can double as a satisfying chew toy as well. Chew bones like the Bristle Bone and Seamsters have rawhide rings or strips built right into the chew toy, making it easy for puppies to have a satisfying chew and a treat all in one!

Fleece Toys

When woven or braided, fleece makes for an ideal puppy toy material because it's soft but also solid and substantial, which makes for a nice chewing sensation on puppy's teeth. Many fleece toys are handmade and made in the USA, which is always a bonus!

It's Important for a Puppy to Have Toys!

Keeping the right type of puppy toys around the house is important in order to curb puppies from chewing on household items and developing a bad and expensive chewing habit. When a puppy does chew on something that is not a chew toy, it’s important to have a puppy toy handy to give to the puppy - showing her what is okay to chew on.

Poll for Puppy Owners

What does your puppy like to chew on best?

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      Teeuwynn Woodruff 

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      Thanks for the interesting article!


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