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Best Vacuum for Pet Owners

Updated on June 7, 2011

I have always had pets. From the dog that I grew up with to the cat that my wife and I have, I have always been looking for the best way to clean up their hair. I believe that I have retired more vacuums than I would like to admit. It is amazing to me how quickly animal hairs can build up on the roller brush and burn out most vacuum motors. I also, get really sick of having to cut the hairs out of the roller every time that I use it to attempt to save the motor. There had to be a better design for pets!

I quickly realized that the biggest problem with most vacuum cleaners is not enough suction. If the vacuum has enough power, it will pull the hairs past the brush and into the bag or storage area without giving them a chance to get stuck. So, I bought the most powerful Shop-Vac that I could find. My idea was simple: tons of suction power and no rotating brush to get clogged with hair. My logic was sound and it does a good job, but there are some serious limitations. Without the rotating brush, the Shop-Vac doesn’t easily pull the hairs out of my carpet. Also, the Shop-Vac is extremely loud and the exhaust was blowing the pictures literally off of the wall as I pulled the vacuum around the house. I still recommend that every home-owner should have a Shop-Vac, but it is just not ideal for weekly cleaning your carpets.

I looked into a number of different commercial vacuums. These monsters have a few advantages as well. They have extremely powerful motors and are very easy to take apart, which is great for cleaning them. You can also buy replacement parts for them in case you break them. The downside of these vacuums is their cost. You can easily spend up to a grand on these machines, which is way out of my budget!

My best friend recommended the Dyson Animal vacuum to me. I had a chance to inspect it at his home and I have to say that it was the first vacuum that was specifically designed to deal with pet hair. It has a tremendous amount of suction and is designed to not get clogged with hair. It is also bag less, which is a must for pet owners who do not want to have to changes bags every time you vacuum. It also has a HEPA filter that reduces the amount of dander that is spread around your home, which can reduce allergies and keep your non-animal loving friends from hating coming over! The only problem with the Dyson Animal is the price. The vacuum is over $500 from most dealers. I have not bought mine yet, but do plan on it in the near future. NOTE: I have bought a muffler for my Shop-Vac. It dropped the volume level a ton and helps to vent the exhaust straight up to stop knocking everything over in my house until I get the Dyson.


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