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Best dog toys

Updated on January 10, 2009

How to keep your four legged friend entertained


Wouldn't it be great if your dog could talk and direct you towards his favorite toy? How many times have you bought a toy and the dog ended up ignoring it and going for your shoes instead? If you are a dog owner shopping for a puppy's or dog's toy keep in mind that there are some toys he is mostly likely to enjoy rather than others. These are what in my opinion are the top 5 best dog toys.

Top 5 best dog toys

1)Food is dog's best friend

One thing I know for sure is that if dogs could talk they would for sure appreciate greatly a toy that comes with a treat. This is why so many Kongs are sold nation wide. This is a toy with a hollow end that allows to be stuffed with treats. Another great option is to stuff it with special peanut butter or liver flavored spray that can be found at any Kong toy supplier pet store. These toys are pretty strong and will outlive the puppy's worst teething phase. Kongs have been used as well to relieve boredom and dogs prone to destructive behavior when left alone. The toy may keep them occupied for a good amount of time when stuffed properly. The toy may be stuffed in "layers". An example may be liver paste, crushed dog treats, hot dog chunks and peanut butter. There are many Kong recipes available now and some people like to offer them frozen as well.

2)Beating the hell out of squeaky toys

Many dogs are really fond of squeaky toys. They like of course to chew but if you add the ability to produce a squeak as they chew down they will likely feel very entertained. However, you must have a good tolerance level on the squeak since this can be going on and on all day long. A word of caution though is necessary. As with most toys close supervision is needed. There have been instances where dogs have chewed up the toy and ingested the squeaker causing an intestinal obstruction requiring surgery.

3) Tug of war

All dogs love playing the good old tug of war game and there are many durable ropes out there to encourage this game. Some ropes are manufactured in a way that they also floss the dog's teeth as the dog pulls on them. Dogs may play with these ropes by pulling, flinging them in the air, or simply chewing on them.

4) Jumping up high

Dogs love the game of Frisbee. The flying object tossed mid air will challenge the most lazy dog out there. It is important to look for Frisbees that are soft enough so not to allow mouth injuries when you dog catches it. It is amazing to watch how high some dogs may jump just to catch the tossed Frisbee. Owners will certainly have fun as well.

5)Flavored dog chew toys

Nylabone produces many toys that are slightly flavored so the dog becomes particularly interested in them. This is done by impregnating the safe nylon with flavors such as ham-bone or other meaty attractions. The good think about these toys is that they do not come apart in big chunks as other toys do. Rather as the dog chews on them it will grind apart in tiny pieces making them relatively safe toys.

Regardless of how safe dog toys are claimed to be, careful supervision is always recommended. Safety should be top priority when shopping for your dog's toys. Stay away from toys that have small pieces that can be swallowed and choked on. Just as in toys for children look for age appropriate toys, if in doubt ask a store associate.

Once you have found a safe, durable toy you can rejoice in watching your dog play undisturbed for many hours to come. Happy playing!


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    • Edward J. Palumbo profile image

      Ed Palumbo 

      5 years ago from Tualatin, OR

      I have two dogs (an 11 yr-old dachshund and a 3 yr-old rat terrier mix) and neither seems interested in toys at all. I've purchased quite a few, but (with they exception of the Kong toys, which are abandoned as soon as the peanut or cheese is consumed} the toys are ignored. Enjoyed your Hub, and look forward to others!


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