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Best little dog names

Updated on November 5, 2012

Best little dog names


Little dog names


Little dogs are also known as small or toy dogs. Many of the toy dogs are lapdogs. Little dogs belong to a particular breed of dogs - a small one. Tiny dogs are sometimes known among people as “teacup” size dogs. Toy dogs normally are in size from 1 k 800 g to 3 k 200 g (which is 4 – 7 pounds). There are many small breeds of dogs that having special set of features vary drastically. A dog is small either naturally, i.e. having the size as a hereditary feature, or artificially raised. The small pedigree would include: Spaniels, Terriers, Pinschers, Bichons, Poodle, Small Belgian Dogs, Hairless Dogs, Tibetan breeds, Chihuahua, English Toy Spaniels, Pekingese and Japanese Chin, Continental Toy Spaniel, Small Molossian type Dogs, and Kromfohrländer. However, Spaniels, Terriers, and Pinschers – can be the raised small breed. Working and hunting dogs can also be artificially raised as little.


Most of the countries have organizations and professional clubs with extensive specialization on doggish issues. Such entities would use the word kennel which being derived from Latin “canis” stands for “dog”. The field of study about dogs is known as “cynology” – again being derived from the same Latin word “canis” plus “logos” – meaning “to know”. For example in the U.S. there is American Kennel Club and the United Kennel Club, in UK – the Kennel Club, in Australia – the National Kennel Council, and so on. International kennel organizations have worked out a general nomenclature which is a standard for breed recognition worldwide. In the present article we will discuss some interesting features of the small dogs and will bring an extensive list of best little dog names.


Small size dogs traditionally have a set of risk areas including the heart system, teeth, and they happen to have temperamental and behavioral problems. It may be quite a problem to have a dog below 1 k 800 g (4 pounds). Small dogs are regarded by many as non-functional and more like decorative or fashion (glamour) toys. As a matter of fact little dogs are quite capable of having lengthy walks and often they have vigorous gracefulness.


Names for small dogs normally sound like something delicate and tiny. They can also be diminutive of other names or existing things. So, it is up to the pet owner which name he or she would like best and consider the best little dog’s name. I hope that you will find useful the extensive list of little dog names that i provide below:


Angel, Honeybee, Peaches, Atom, Junior, Peanut, Baby, Kewpie, Peewee, Babydoll, Kisses, Pipsqueak, Babykins, Ladybug, Pixie, Bambi, Laptop, Proton, Bits, Little Boy, Puddles, Bonbon, Little Girl, Pumpkin, Bonsai, Littlefoot, Putt-Putt, Bug, Little One, Pygmy, Bunny, Lollipop, Rascal, Butterball, Midge, Shorty, Buttercup, Midget, Slim, Button, Mini, Smidgen, Cuddles, Minuet, Squeaky, Crumbs, Mite, Squirt, Dinky, Munchkin, Teenie Weenie, Doodle, Neutron, Tinkerbell, Elf, Newt, Tiny, Fifi, Nibbler, Tweedy, Goober, Nibbles, Twig, Gumball, Nipper, Widget, Gumdrop, and Nymph.


There are some exotic names and sorted according to whether the dog is ‘he’ or ‘she’:

Girls: Sushi, Brina, Dakota, Rocafella, Frieda, Abizanda, Diamond, Angeline, Cuca, Megi, Mist, Skaya, Ryoko, Chakra, Cozette, and Céline.

Boys: Chubs, Okami, Spud, Aikido, Arkie, Mishka, Duke, Lobo, Cortez, Fabien, Rudolf, Katana, Ching, Koko, Taroo, Grendel, Digger, Carlino, Buddha, Murphy, Falk, Buga, Jacques, Beefy, Enrico, Ugo, Ainsley, Abraham, Hans, Rocket, Ogre, Jauck, Nutch, and Vushka.


Good names for dogs


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    • profile image


      7 years ago

      I like the idea of naming dogs. One of ours is a big dog named Angel. She really is an angel. The other, a boy Brussels Griffon, is Gabriel, named of course, for the angel Gabriel. But he's no angel!


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