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Bethlehem, Pennsylvannia Dog Snatched From Yard

Updated on November 12, 2010

Oliver Alert On Dog Stolen From Home

Oliver stolen from home
Oliver stolen from home

Oliver Alert:: Dog stolen in Bethlehem, Pennsylvannia

Ok dog lovers, we still have the time to find this poor little shitzu yorkie mix was stolen today, October 9, 2010. This baby was in her own yard on Cambridge Avenue, Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. A car driven by a man and woman snatched the dog around lunchtime.

Stolen is a shitszu- terrier mix female, small brown and black, and wearing a black collar and is microchipped. There is also a phone number on her rabies tag. Please contact Ashley or Jose Lopez at 610-758-9922, or

It seems there are those out there who think nothing of animal life. They either want to make a fast buck or take enjoyment from others peoples bereavement. Lets show people like this that we're sick and tired of our animals being stolen from right under our noses.

These stolen animals are not animals without a home. They have people who love them and are trying everything to get them back. These animals are a big part of a family.

Many states also have penalties for animal theft, along with any other charges they may think of to throw at the perpetrator.

First there are laws against people who don't know the animal and want to steal it. This falls into a different class than those whose plan it is to abuse and disabuse and dispose of the dog such as in the trash big case a little over a week ago. Please see here for that case

My best suggestion to this dog thief is to turn it back over to its family before the perpetrators commit a crime they won't be able to get out of.

Please pass this article around to animal shelters in your area, kids, take a close look around your neighborhood and see if you can spot this female shitzu. And most of all, check out of the way places, with adult supervision of course.

Leave no stone unturned in your search.

It's a shame to think there are those who would walk onto your property, snatch your pet, and off they go without even a look back!

I spoke to the family just before putting this story online and learned one method of identifying this dogs is she has no tail. That alone should make identification easy.

I hope getting this information onto the internet will make a difference. Before this little dog has been taken across state lines, or fought, or turned into a shelter that has no idea it is missing.

Sometimes I think the crime of theft should carry as much weight as the crime of abuse and abandonment.This isn't right. Out pets depend on us and this is what happens, many times through no fault of our own. We not only need stronger abuse laws, but stronger laws to protect out pets in their own back yard.

We also need to get ourselves out of the world of the 1960's when everyone loved dogs. There are some horrible sick people out in this world. We need to live life with the possibility one of them lives around the corner of us. I hate to admit this, but I see no other way to protect what's ours.


Elisa Black-Taylor is a regular contributor for


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    • Tirzah Laughs profile image

      Tirzah Laughs 7 years ago from USA

      Often people take them to sell to labs. They get money per dog. You should check at local medical labs that use dogs for research.

      You may also want to check with local cops to see if they have busted any local dog fighting rings. They use small dogs as bait dogs to get the larger dogs worked up.

      Barring that, they took the dog for personal use or resell. For resell, look on Craigs List, local paper...etc... for adult yorkies for sale. They probably list him as that instead of a mix.

      Otherwise, they probably took him to keep. Fax his picture and micro information to local vets, vet clinics...etc.

      They may spot him.

      And let the local shelters know. Sometimes people take a dog and then get bored with it and dump it out somewhere.

      As sad as it is, it's unlikely the dog will be recovered.

      This is why you have to keep your pets behind a locked gate or supervised.

      I use to have a doggie door out to my fenced yard but I found out from the neighbors tht the neighborhood kids were feeding my dogs through the fence so stopped it. What's to stop them from opening the gate and taking my dog with them when they leave?