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Betta Fish Food

Updated on April 2, 2015

Betta Fish Food

The article will give you key information on betta fish food, feeding, their specifics as well as some useful tips.

Betta is pronounced “bay-ta”. This is a small freshwater fish of the gourami family. There are over 60 species of Betta fish. This sort of fish is also known as Siamese fighting fish, Betta splendens, or simply fighter. It has ray-like fins and can have different exotic color combinations.

Betta fish vary in shape, color, size, behavior, etc. It can be from 1” up to 5”. Betta fish has their individual character and with age develop a unique mechanism in the gills called labyrinth. This adaptable organ allows the fish remain alive in the open air for some time.

Incredible, isn’t it?!


Owning a Betta

Many people highly appreciate betta in their aquariums (or tanks). These tiny twinkling creatures convey the feeling of repose and aesthetic pleasure to the human eye. Although there are plenty of different Betta fish on the market some of the betta species have seriously dwindled or are endangered.

Betta fish needs little food for life. They are carnivorous feeders and normally need the betta fish food once every 1 - 2 days. They like floating flake products, brine shrimp (frozen), mosquito larvae, blood warms that are freeze dried, black worms (live), wheat flour, etc. In the natural environment betta consume zooplankton, insects’ larvae and crustaceans. The insects will include: crickets, flies, grasshoppers, and other.

The key ingredients that Betta fish need in their everyday life are: protein, fiber, fats, ash, phosphorus, moisture, vitamins, etc. Some of the ingredients, such as: protein, fiber, fats, and ash, should be crude. Betta fish sometimes may need vegetables as well.

On the market there are special betta fish food known as pellets. They usually are either frozen or freeze dried betta food. Sometimes you will need to give your Betta fish live food as well. The diversified food makes betta live longer.

If betta eat anabolics their life in captivity may be prolonged. Usually betta live no longer that 7 years in the tank. If improperly feed betta fish may easily become ill, suffer from constipation and even die soon.


Below please find some useful tips for betta fish food and feeding

As we have said above feeding your betta once in two days may be enough. However that regime might not be the best choice for your betta. Sometimes it is strongly recommended to feed them in small portion once every day. However excess feed may be more evil rather than lack of food. It is very important to keep the betta “house” clean. So when you have fed your betta watch their behavior. If a fish would spit food you clean it at once.

Always remove all food leftovers after feeding. The thing is that betta have very delicate organisms. An emergency aid if the fish feels bad would be: to boil pea till it becomes squishy, peel and split it into tiny pieces fit for the betta. Feed the fish with it 3 times a day and afterwards give no food for the next couple of days. It is believed to be an effective betta remedy.

Remember that clean water as well as proper and diversified betta fish food are the key components for betta’s life.

Betta Fish Jumping For Food


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