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Betta Fish Tanks

Updated on November 24, 2013

Betta Tank

No Fishing!!
No Fishing!!

Intro about betta fish tanks

This article is brought to you from Check it out for more information on Bettas and other exotic fish!

Betta fish, or Siamese fighting fish as they are also called. These fish are pretty beautiful and what we are going to talk about in the following sub-topics, is what to look for when buying an aquarium or fish bowl for your betta fish and why is this so important.

First of all, the usual mistake a Betta fish owner can make (which is really easy to make), lies in the choice of aquarium or fish bowl. It is pretty common that they choose a Betta fish tank according to their tastes, the one that appeals to them or the one which matches with their home's decoration. This is wrong by one major perspective. They choose what is best for them, not for their Betta fish!

So what? Are we going to ask our Betta fish, which one it prefers? Well, apparently not...

Below I will show you many tips and information on what to look for before buying the home for your beloved Betta, thus increasing his life expectancy!

Note: There are sub-categories of Betta fish, but for all these categories, the same rules apply. So, when we talk about Betta fish, we refer to all these sub-categories!

Top Betta Tank Heater for a small to medium tank

Temperature of water

The natural original habitats of Betta fish are rivers, drains and small ponds. They are from Thailand and Cambodia. This is important, because it implies that this particular kind of tropical fish, is born to live in warmer climates. So, there is a probability that it won't tolerate cold climates like Northern Europe or so.

However, this can be adjusted with a heater! Why is that? Well, most countries haven't a consistent temperature, so this will also affect your Betta's water temperature. Your Betta's fish water must be at least 68 Fahrenheit degrees and ideally 80-82 Fahrenheit degrees.

A heater can help you have this ideal temperature consistently! That's why it's so important. If you don't have a heater and the water gets cold, your Betta fish will be literally tortured, barely manage to survive and if it lives, its life expectancy will be very low...

All heaters have a thermostat, so you just select the appropriate temperature and you are pretty much done! However, this is still a heater and uses electricity so there is a number of precautions to be taken. This list can go pretty long, so I will not expand in this Hub. Just keep in mind, that it is vital to read the instructions (I know most of us are bored of this stuff :P) and/or ask your shop assistant to tell you what to look for and how to apply it.

On the right of this text, I show you one of the two top heaters for small to medium Betta fish bowls. I could also offer you links with top heaters for medium and large Betta fish tanks, but I don't want to spamm it, so if you would like some recommendations, please leave me a comment.

Spoiler: If your Betta tank is too small for a heater to be applied, then it is already too small for your Betta fish to live and prosper!

A cool Betta fish!
A cool Betta fish!

Plants for a Betta tank

Did you know that plants are essentially for a Betta tank? Actually, the more you can achieve a natural environment for you Betta, the more it will prosper!

Since in their habitat, they have plants, it is a sound advice to have some of them in your tank too. But why is that? Well, Betta fish are known to use plants as a defensive strategy! They can use plants to hide both from predators and other threatening Betta fish (mostly male ones). Whereas it might not ever encounter a predator or another threatening male Betta fish in your Betta fish bowl, the existence of some beloved plants will let it feel more relaxed and energized.

The second sub-question we come to answer is this "Fake or real plants in our Betta fish bowls"?

Betta fish can live in water which contains low oxygen, but we don't need to test its survivability (which is pretty good actually!). Real plants can help provide the Betta fish water with enough oxygen. Apart from that, they automatically clean the water from some chemical byproducts that are naturally produced.

The only minus with the real plants is that they need sunlight. But, fear not!

There are 2 plants called Java Ferns and Java Moss, which need medium to low sunlight, so chances are they will be able to thrive in a Betta fish bowl with low light!

Some other plants suitable for your Betta fish are Vallis, Amazon sword, Foxtail, Hornwort, Water Sprite and Elodea. They will do an amazing combination with your beloved Betta fish. Also, keep in mind that it is far more beautiful looking at your Betta fish swimming through natural plants (which will wave), than plastic ones which might harm it.

I could offer you some online sellers of these plants, but I highly recommend you get them from a local shop, in order to be sure for their freshness and quality, which is highly important!

Betta Fish Water

I have seen there are a lot of opinions about how much water one or more Bettas should have. If you take a look at random Betta fish bowls and some pet shops, you will see that Bettas are usually in some very small tanks. Betta fish don't need an ocean, but this is extremely low. I found over the internet a nice way to calculate how much water you should have in your Betta's tank, depending on the number of Betta fish you have. It goes like this:

Put 5 Gallons of water per Betta fish. So, if you have 2 Betta fish, you should put in your Betta fish aquarium, 10 Gallons of water. Betta fish tanks require regular maintenance. You should change around the 25% of the water volume at least 3 times a month or perform smaller changes once a week.

Another very important thing to consider, is getting a water filter along with the heater. These two things are pretty essential, along with the rocks and plants for your Betta fish tank. They will help your Betta live a happy and lasting life of 5 years!

The Betta fish water you should provide is Tap water! Bottled is ok too, but more expensive without a special benefit. Distilled water is bad for your Betta fish, because it has none of the nutrients a Betta fish needs! If you used distilled water, start changing it gradually to tap water. Pay attention at "gradually" because if all of a sudden you remove distilled water and give it tap water, your beloved Betta fish runs the risk of dying....

Some other great elements you could add to Betta fish water are (Aquarium) Salt and Aquarisol. I will analyze both of them briefly:

  • (Aquarium) Salt: Its profit is double. Not only Betta fish love a bit of salt in their water, but also it prevents the growth of parasites and fungus!
  • Aquarisol: it prevents velvets and ich, both of which can kill your Betta fish!

A few last words

I hope you can benefit from all these tips and live together with your beloved Betta fish for the next 5 years (this is their maximum lifespan). Please let me know, if you found this information relevant and helpful!

Also, if you have any unanswered questions please leave me a comment.

I am planning on writing more, especially about these amazing Betta fish, so you can follow me if you would like to catch up with more articles/hubs! :)


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      Livehappy89 4 years ago from Athens

      There are many oponions on this question.

      You better do a google search and see which species overlap. I don't remember them at the moment...

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      FishyFishy 4 years ago

      What kind of tank mates could be put with a betta in a 3 gal tank?