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Bettas in the Wild

Updated on April 29, 2011
Colorful Wild Betta
Colorful Wild Betta

What Bettas look like in the wild

Bettas you find at pet stores, with bright vibrant colors and long flowing fins are not at all the type found in the wild. The long fins found in domestic bettas would disable them in the wild, making them move slower and be picked off by predators.

 In the wild they have short rounded tails and they are red, green, grey and brown in color. They are so dull because if they were colorful predators would be able to see them and catch them easily.

Where Bettas Live in the Wild

People commonly led to believe that bettas live in small puddles, and that is why they need small aquariums to be comfortable, if kept as a pet. That is totally wrong. Bettas can live in puddles in the wild, but that is only by accident.

They live in rice paddies inThailand, and males can have territories as big as a square meter. Rice paddies can be 12 inches deep and contain 50 gallons of water. They also love to explore, and swim.

Rice paddy, where Wild bettas live.
Rice paddy, where Wild bettas live.

Life In the Wild

 In the wild bettas eat zooplankton, mosquito larvae, crustaceans, flies, crickets, and grasshoppers.

In their rice paddies, there is not much oxygen. This oxygen deprivation led to their labrynth organ, that allows them to breathe from the top of the water.

In the wild the male bettas can explore around, finding females. Some wild bettas build bubble nests to breed, and some are mouth-brooders. There are many species of Wild betta, and some are still being discovered today.

Another Wild Betta
Another Wild Betta


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