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BiOrb Aquarium Review and Deals

Updated on March 31, 2011

BiOrb Aquarium

The BiOrb aquarium is probably one of the most advanced fish tanks or aquarium systems that you can get right now. The tank pretty much maintains it's self for you so that your work is cut down. It has a built-in filtration system that uses 5-stage method combining biological, mechanical, and chemical filtration

Forget monthly water changes, with this just a simple filter change every month is all that is needed for this tank to stay healthy and clean for months on end. With these unique filter system it properly circulateds the water in the Biorb tank. That's why minimual water changes need to be done.

This tank makes a great home for bettas, tropical fish, and even goldfish.

The Biorbs come in many sizes from 4 gallons to 30 gallons.

Baby Biorbs

I love the piano black Biorb that's 8 gallons because it just has this awesome look to it that no other tanks out their can bring to the table. It has clear acrylic front and back finished with seamless gloss colored acrylic wrap, Available in three striking colors; chili red, ice white or piano black.

Are you using this tank for bettas then you may see that the bubble current is a little to strong for your betta, the easiest way that works to slow it down is to take a rubber band and pinch up the tube a little to cut down on the current. With the rubberband it's easier to adjust.

Biorb decorations

Heres another thing I love about the Biorb is the huge selection. The variety of plants and colors of the plants is amazing because the color is so bright and amazing. Also the rocks and pebbles that you can use is great also it gives each tank a unique look for your house, or office.

The plant balls are really neat to because they float around the tank freely and gives something to look at in the tank as well as a hiding place for fish in the tank.


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    • Silver Poet profile image

      Silver Poet 7 years ago from the computer of a midwestern American writer

      Fish tanks are beautiful, peaceful, and educational.