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Biggest Draught Teams

Updated on December 2, 2017

A "draught" animal is one that pulls a load such as a wagon. Traditional draught animals are horses and cattle. They usual work in teams, with a minimum size of two animals. Here are some of the largest draught teams on record.


LJ Smith's Team

LJ Smith of Hedrick, Iowa advertised his team of horses as the "World's Largest Team". Their actual heights or weights are not provided.

  • weight: unknown
  • height: unknown


Herb Mueller's Apollo and Anak (1990)

A prize team owned by a professional breeder based in Colombia, Illinois.

  • Weight:4300 pounds (2,100 & 2,200 lb respectively)
  • Height: 19 Hand 1 inch and 18 hands 3 inches.


Pete and Punk (1946)

Pete and Punk claim the title of worlds largest team of oxen. They were born in 1946. In addition to the statistics below they were said to have and 11 foot circumference and be able to pull 11 tonnes. Their owner was David Blom of Shartlesville, PA.

  • weight: 6500 pounds
  • height: 6 feet

Oxen generally have more pulling power for their weight when compared with horses.

Pete and Punk
Pete and Punk

Mt Katahdin and Granger (1906, 1930)

Mr AS Rand of Stetson, Maine has a team that slightly outweigh Pete and Punk. Pictured in 1906 (right) and 1930 (below).

  • Weight: 9800 pounds <--biggest ox team on this hub
  • Height: unknown

Mt Katahdin and Granger
Mt Katahdin and Granger

Pat and Mike (1915)

Owned by F. B. Martin Assyria.

  • weight: 5400 pounds
  • height: unknown.

Pat and Mike
Pat and Mike

Largest in Number (1925)

The largest team in number in 1925 (shown below) rather than weight is the team shown below heading to the Calgary Stampede. By my count 22.

However that number was blown out of the water in Milwaukee in 1975, when Elmer R. "Dick" Sparrow hitched up an astounding 40 Belgians in a single team.



For overall weight you surely could not beat a pair of elephants. In many countries including the United Kingdom, circuses would lend out their elephants for farm chores such as plowing (during the off season).

Their use for farming was also developed in Africa and Asia throughout the twentieth century.


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