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Buy A Bike Dog Carrier Online

Updated on June 10, 2011

Looking for a bike dog carrier, but having trouble finding much of a selection? Look no further! Amazon has a nice assortment of the best bicycle dog carriers to choose from, including dog bicycle trailers.

I spent hours checking them out recently, and I made a list of the best bike dog carriers -which I'm sharing with you! This short list is based on user ratings and reviews posted across the web and gives you a good idea of what's available on the market today in bicycle dog carriers.

From sporty, lightweight dog carrier bags and multi-use options to Nantucket dog bike baskets, the best of the best is here. Your search is over, tell your pooch it's time for a bike trip!

Pet Ego's Jet Set Pet Carrier

The Jet Set Pet Carrier by Pet Ego is a multi-functional dog carrier bag. It is approved for air travel, functions as a dog safety carseat, and can be carried as a backpack. This dog carrier is Italian designed with quality materials, and features every feature you'd expect in a high quality dog carrier. With the addition of the universal bike lever, it serves very well as a rear-mounted bike dog carrier. You can also get the motorcycle connector kit, and the bag can be moved freely from one to another. Available in three sizes and two colors, be sure to also select the Bike Lever connection kit.

This is very likely the most multi-functional option in bike dog carriers, but may be more than we need. Nonetheless it's great to have a dog carrier option that suits all your needs. This is very much the go anywhere dog carrier bag.

Pet Gear 3 in 1 Bike Dog Carrier

The 3 in 1 dog carrier by Pet Gear also works as a dog car seat or standard carrier. To serve as a bike dog carrier the 3 in 1 comes complete with the bike attachment part, allowing you to securely hook the dog carrier to the handlebars of most bicycles. Though not quite as multi-functional or good looking as the Jet Set Pet Carrier above, it is considerably less expensive.

Snoozer Bike Buddy Dog Basket

Available in one size only, the Snoozer bike dog carrier basket is not so multi-functional, but rather just a devoted bike dog carrier. There is a removable rain-cover and a chin rest for your dog. The Snoozer Bike Dog Carrier does come with bicycle attachment parts included, and installation is quick and simple. Available only in gray and pink.

Snoozer Sporty Bike Dog Carrier

The Snoozer Sporty is much like the Bike Buddy shown above. Size and features are the same, as is the simple installation, but with a sportier design. The Snoozer Sporty Bike Dog Carrier is available in orange or dark red.

Solvit's Wicker Tagalong or a Nantucket Bike Dog Carrier

For a different look, you may like the Solvit Tagalong or one of the Nantucket bike dog carriers. This is, of course, a more old-fashioned look, very country.

The Solvit Tagalong is a rattan basket with a thick, washable sheepskin lining and a removable hood or canopy. The Tagalong is also very easy to remove and/or reattach the basket at any time from your bik, making it very convenient to use.

The Nantucket bike dog carriers offer caged tops. The Somerset is a vinyl weave, the Tuckernuck is rattan.

Be it the Tagalong or the Nantucket, there is an 8 to 10 pound limit. Though the Tagalong lists 13 pounds, users -who do love the Tagalong- have noted that anything over 10 pounds may be pushing it.

Biking Solutions for Larger Dogs

Dogs love being involved in our activities and outings, and bike dog carriers provide an excellent solution to biking with smaller dogs. If your dog is larger-sized, you might want to consider purchasing a bike jogger or dog trailer. The jogger is great for exercising your dog while still allowing hands-free bicycle riding, and trailers are wonderful for getting older dogs out in the fresh air.

For smaller dogs I'm certain one of the great bike dog carriers shown above will work wonderfully.


Article Copyright 2010 Anesidora and not to be copied or reprinted without author permission.

Additional photo courtesy of individual manufacturer via the Fair Use law.

Opinions expressed herein are based on personal experience and thorough research. Author is not affiliated with any of the manufacturers mentioned above.

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Snoozer Bike Buddy Bike Dog Carrier
Snoozer Bike Buddy Bike Dog Carrier


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    • Anesidora profile image

      Anesidora 7 years ago from Pandora's Box

      Yes, Leanman, no rotties in the bike baskets. But thank you for a great visual!

    • LeanMan profile image

      Tony 7 years ago from At the Gemba

      I don't think my Rottweiler will fit, but I am sure very good for the little dogs.

    • stars439 profile image

      stars439 7 years ago from Louisiana, The Magnolia and Pelican State.

      Very nice idea. Great to get the animals the good old fresh air. God Bless You.