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Bird House Fun

Updated on February 11, 2011

Kids like to make bird houses.

Fun making bird houses.
Fun making bird houses. | Source

Making a bird house can be a fun project to do with your kids. It doesn't require much material. A little know-how to work a saw and drill. Pick your design. You can make it simply, square flat sides and some paint. You can make one for actual use or just for a decoration. Either way the kids enjoy this project, especially the painting part. Keep it one color or paint it multiple colors, add some design to it to dress it up a bit (i.e. windows/shutters, vines, paint or draw a picture on it) make it unique, make it yours.  It's not just a house, its a home.  Make a bird home.

This is how I made these...

I determined the size of the home first and started with cutting the base.  I rounded the corners to give it some character.

Make the base.
Make the base. | Source
Round the corners.
Round the corners. | Source

 I measured and cut the sides.  Then I screwed them together and then to the base. (Shown here is the bird barn.)

Cut the sides and assemble them to the base.
Cut the sides and assemble them to the base. | Source

 I had some scrap matal roofing, perfect size for a bird home and/or barn.

Add the roof sides.
Add the roof sides. | Source
Add the roof top.
Add the roof top. | Source

 Time for the fun part.  Paint!  Let the kids have at it and hose em down later. (even more fun)

Painting the barn.
Painting the barn. | Source
Painting a house.
Painting a house. | Source
Ready for some paint.
Ready for some paint. | Source

 Let the paint dry and find a tree to hang them in or some kind of tall pole to mount it on top of.  I have a couple trees that I needed to cut the tops off of.  I cut them about 12 feet or so from the ground.  That is where these are going.

Red Bird Barn.
Red Bird Barn. | Source
Farm House.  (Bird Home)
Farm House. (Bird Home) | Source

Enjoy the satisfaction of making something with the kids. Also enjoy watching nature make the most of your creation.  The kids really enjoy it and it gives them a chance to learn something new and have that same satisfaction of building something.


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