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Duck pictures: Information and Photos of Blue Swedish Ducks

Updated on August 23, 2016

Bird picture: Blue Swedish duck

Blue Swedish Duck
Blue Swedish Duck | Source

Pictures and information on Blue Swedish Ducks

Original pictures of Blue Swedish ducks are the feature of this photo journal by wildlife photographer AnnMackieMiller. For the avid birder or poultry keeper, included is information about these colourful ducks.

Blue Swedish Ducks, like most domestic breeds, come from mallard ancestory. From those beginnings they have been breed for domestic use, some for food and eggs, some as decorative, ornamental or pet ducks.

Along the canal at Bingley, West Yorkshire, there are three Swedish ducks living free. One at least is female, having produced ducklings this year. These ducks were probably released from a local collection. Whatever their history, their presence here provides a unique opportunity to observe these pretty ducks in a wild environment.

Bird pictures

Blue Swedish Duck showing irridesent plumage
Blue Swedish Duck showing irridesent plumage | Source
'Splashed' Blue Swedish Duck
'Splashed' Blue Swedish Duck | Source

Information about Blue Swedish ducks

Early records show farmers in Sweden breeding Swedish Blue Ducks around 1835.

In size they are larger than a mallard and smaller than a goose, that is, around 6 to 8 pound in weight. Their legs are generally set further back than those of a mallard duck which gives the Swedish duck a more upright stance, rather like a Campbell duck.

Their colouring varies. Mostly they have slate-gray to blue feathering with a white bib on the neck and chest. They also have some green and in sunlight they have a pretty irridesence to their plumage.

The three on Bingley canal consist of two blue and one 'splashed' bird. The third is mainly white with splashes of green and blue.

The ducks are mostly calm and placid and have often been picked for homes with children as they relate well to humans and enjoy being petted. Of course the exception is during the mating season when they display rough and aggressive behaviour with other males and towards females. They also show typical homesexual behaviour that is common where there are many more males than females.

These three are mostly found in the company of another two males, these, two large white domestic ducks, that have also escaped or been released from a domestic environment.

Photography by AnnMackieMiller

Cow, Aylesbury ducks, Blue Swedish ducks 'Friends and Neighbours'
Cow, Aylesbury ducks, Blue Swedish ducks 'Friends and Neighbours' | Source

On Land and Water

As you can see from the photo below, their legs are quite far back on their body which makes them ungainly on land. It is a different story on water - they move sleekly and elegantly with no visible sign of the frantic paddling going on under water.

Bird pictures: Blue Swedish ducks

Blue Swedish Ducks
Blue Swedish Ducks | Source
Blue Swedish duck
Blue Swedish duck | Source
Blue Swedish duck
Blue Swedish duck | Source
Multi-coloured Swedish Duck
Multi-coloured Swedish Duck | Source
Blue Swedish ducks
Blue Swedish ducks | Source

Bird pictures by wildlife photographer annmackiemiller

Blue Swedish ducks. T
Blue Swedish ducks. T | Source

Three years on...

Three years on and these delightful ducks are still on the canal. They spend less time at the boat yard - I think the owner got fed up feeding them alongside his chickens and has now blocked the access from the water. It doesn't seem to have phased them though - they are thriving on Greenhill.

Copyright Notice

All duck pictures used here are by AnnMackieMiller and may not be reproduced in any way. All photographs are available for sale. Contact the photographer for details. High resolution copies can be transferred by email for use on blogs and websites but not on cards or products.

Duck Coop on Amazon

one easy care duck coop
one easy care duck coop | Source

Things to consider if you are thinking of keeping ducks in a domestic setting

It seems to be a growing trend to keep a few ducks around the place and I must admit if I had the room I would be too. Swedish Blue Ducks are particularly suitable because they are so friendly but there are smaller breeds available too.

Just remember - ducks need water - I don't just mean to drink. Ducks spend most of their time on water so it is essential you have some sort of a pond or lake for them. A dipping pool is ok for them bathing but for happy ducks you really do need something substantial.

They need feeding. They won't get enough nutrients just from grazing grass. There are lots of blends available - many online and more and more are available in ordinary pet stores. Don't be tempted to feed them bread - there is absolutely NO nutritional value in bread for them, it goes right through them with no absorption and they can display signs of malnutrition like moulting - usually starts with the tail feathers.

They need company. Don't ever get only one duck! Try to use a reputable breeder who knows what they are doing. Ducks bond with other ducks quickly, and often for live so make sure the breeder is not breaking up a mini-flock or a pair.

They need shelter - especially at night to protect them from foxes.

Check the regulations - Blue Swedish ducks are not native to Britain and so it is actually illegal to release them into the wild.

Attractive coop for ducks

Advantek The Tower Chicken Coop
Advantek The Tower Chicken Coop

Any coop designed for chickens will be suitable for ducks. Just make sure it can be secured at night.


© 2011 annmackiemiller

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    • annmackiemiller profile image

      annmackiemiller 5 years ago from Bingley Yorkshire England

      i've heard that about being good with kids - I just wish I had enough space for them

    • profile image

      Waffle 5 years ago

      Are they good egg layers are the Dosslel are they good with kids

    • annmackiemiller profile image

      annmackiemiller 6 years ago from Bingley Yorkshire England

      thanks Ghost

    • profile image

      Ghost32 6 years ago

      Fascinating. I'd never heard of blue Swedish ducks before now. Love the coloration on the "splashed" inidvidual, not to mention the ducks' easygoing relationship with the Holstein.

    • Sandyspider profile image

      Sandy Mertens 6 years ago from Wisconsin, USA

      Just love these photos of your Swedish ducks.