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Birds Of The Same Feather

Updated on October 15, 2009

Bird's eyeview

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Inca doves at home (Philippines)Black cormorant, Lake Maracaibo, VenezuelaGlacous-winged seagull, Holyhead, Wales, U.K.Great white egret,Port of Spain Trinidad and TobagoMagnificent frigate bird (Man o' War), Rocky Point, JamaicaShort-tailed albatross, Arctic Circle going to Russia
Inca doves at home (Philippines)
Inca doves at home (Philippines)
Black cormorant, Lake Maracaibo, Venezuela
Black cormorant, Lake Maracaibo, Venezuela
Glacous-winged seagull, Holyhead, Wales, U.K.
Glacous-winged seagull, Holyhead, Wales, U.K.
Great white egret,Port of Spain Trinidad and Tobago
Great white egret,Port of Spain Trinidad and Tobago
Magnificent frigate bird (Man o' War), Rocky Point, Jamaica
Magnificent frigate bird (Man o' War), Rocky Point, Jamaica
Short-tailed albatross, Arctic Circle going to Russia
Short-tailed albatross, Arctic Circle going to Russia

Fly, glide, swim...

Icarus's idea of flying became a reality nowadays. From olden times until now, man kept on improving the technology of air transport, even surpassing the idea to be just earthbound. We took a great leap when man landed on the moon. Recent news promotes the idea of really transporting man on Mars.

We could consider these avian creatures to be 'man's bestfriends', aside from domesticated dogs and cats. After the Great Flood, two birds were summoned by Noah to investigate if the ark can already anchor on land. The first, the crow only feasted on the flesh of dead creatures (both humans and animals) but the dove brought back young leaf (sprout) of a plant indicating that the planet was ready again for human existence.

My interest about birds started when I was young. My uncles, who are working in my father's farm, used to brought me local birds, such as swallows, finches, or rice birds (maya) to be my pet. But their lives were shortlived because they don't eat; I realized they don't want to be caged.

I've seen many birds from the books. There are about over one thousand six hundred birds (1,600) that have been identified. Profiling their habitat, nesting, behavior and food were rightfully profiled and compiled by the team of these avian enthusiasts and writers headed by the famous David Alderton.

I started taking photographs and videos of many birds I've seen in countries my assigned vessel loaded and discharge its cargoes (tanker, bulk and container). It's both addicting and relaxing while facing the rigors of our work as seafarer and perils of the sea.

Don't you know that these birds can also tell whether the weather is fine or there will be low pressure or storm or even hurricane ahead of our journey?

Birds can be pests to our harvest or healer as well in their own rights. It is therapeutic to hear the birds sing. In the folk tale, 'The Adarna Bird', the uncomparable voice of this legendary bird cured the illness of the king. Even the infamous nightingale, this warbler in the dynasties of ancient Chinese kingdoms was a great help to cure the sickness or loneliness of the king. Although, they eat other animals, birds maintain the balance of the animal kingdom. They also served as messengers (like the feral rock doves or homing pegions) to the kings or its masters.

The popular habitat of birds include the sea, seashores and estuary, temperate woodlands, open country, city and garden, tropical rainforest, tundra and polar regions, grassland, steppe and moorland.

Migration of birds is greatly affected by climate change. Since global warming is apparent nowadays, many birds seek places suited to their adaptation and survival.

Here are some of the birds I have seen and photographed during my travels. I've also included some birds I've seen at home.

Bird of paradise


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    • travel_man1971 profile imageAUTHOR

      Ireno Alcala 

      8 years ago from Bicol, Philippines

      Yes, you bet. Without birds, the ecological balance will never be the same.

    • bacville profile image


      8 years ago from Manila, Philippines

      Watching bird's habitat is really an adventure and unique hobby.


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