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Blue Buffalo Dog Food Positives

Updated on September 9, 2010

For many people when it comes to picking out a dog food they will just pick up the first bag that they see. However, if the dog becomes allergic to that food they can find the difficulty is going to be in finding a food they are not allergic to. One type of food that can do a great job for many peoples dogs is going to be the Blue Buffalo dog food brand. I know that for me my dog who is allergic to a couple of the common items in food can eat this food without having a problem.

One positive that can be found in the Blue Buffalo dog food is that it contains natural items. Rather than having to look at the label and bring along the search engines to figure out what each item is this brand can be looked at and seen what exactly each item is.

Something else that a person can enjoy about this food is that it does not contain corn. For many people, they may not realize that dogs do not eat corn naturally. However, one of the main items listed in a dog food is corn or corn meal. So, a person can be giving the dog that they love an item that they are not naturally used to eating.

Another positive with this brand of food is the smell. For some people they may not think much about the smell of food when they give it to their dog, but this food smells good. When opening the next bag of food a person should sniff the food. After doing that they can see what exactly is meant here. Because the other brands in my experience have like a dry pasty type of smell, Blue Buffalo does not have that smell at all.

A person if they use can food is going to find the can food here amazing. Most can foods looks great all the time, but this food looks great and smells good to. I know when I give my dog some of the cans that I am gagging by the time that I am done, but here I am actually looking at the food and do not mind the smell at all.

Being able to get great dog food for the pet that a person loves can be a great thing to do. However, a person needs to realize all the positives that Blue Buffalo dog food can offer for the dog that they love. After learning about these positives a person can see just how wonderful this food is.


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    • Isabellas profile image

      Isabellas 7 years ago from Ohio

      Thank you for the comment! I agree about the food, I know that this brand unless I have missed something has never been recalled either which is another great reason to use this food!

    • dashingclaire profile image

      dashingclaire 7 years ago from United States

      I really like this hub because you are on target w/this dog food. If it's indigested smelly, it's ejected swelly. I use to buy Wellness online until I found this brand in the pet store. The salmon widerness is excellent, gives the dog a great coat.