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Blue Dog Food; a healthy choice

Updated on February 27, 2013

Why Blue Dog Food?

If your dog is not 100% healthy, I suggest changing his or her food before anything else.

As a dog, I’m proud to say I don’t eat the nasty China-Made food many owners stuff down their dogs throats, unaware they could be doing as much damage as good. Nasty factories have been making most of the dog without any care for many years. In fact, metals and other dangerous items have leaked into our dinnertime meals, making lively dogs go stiff with death.

Blue Dog Food wants to do something different, they are putting care into the pet-food industry.

An overload of Gluten (due to the grains put into traditional dog food) causes a lot of troubles for many dogs, that’s why Blue Dog Food does not use any grains in their product.

The best option is to make dog food at home, but I realize that you people pack too much stuff into your days to do that. So Blue Dog Food, even from a dog's perspective- and a rather picky one at that, is the next best option. Made in the US with all natural ingredients and many fundamental vitamins, feeding your pet a healthy meal of Blue Dog Food will keep him healthy and happy!


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