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Blue PitBull kennels and more.

Updated on June 29, 2011

blue pit bull kennels

Blue Pit Bull kennels are so popular...

Blue Pit Bull kennels are very popular. So what is a kennel? A kennel is a place where dogs are bred. There are many things you should look for while selecting a kennel such as cleanliness, crowded conditions, health of the puppies and parents etc.

With Blue Pit Bulls (WT:35-55 pounds) (16-25 kg.) (HT: 18-22 in.) you have a special challenge. With pit bull puppies socialization, and interaction with other puppies is the key. Take him to the park or other crowded areas. Obedience training is a must with Blue Pit Bulls. They respond well to the classes. Start with puppy kindergarten and take as many advance classes as you can. This will also give the puppy a chance to socialize and instill confidence in your dog.

Use a procedure of reward or punishment (punishment should be in the form of ignoring the puppy when he makes a mistake or a firm "NO" is an option.) to teach the puppy. Praise, pet, show enthusiasm - give a small treat to reward the puppy. Handling the situation in such manner your puppy will achieve the desired results thriving and prospering. If the puppy does something wrong let him know there are results to his actions. As the puppy's trainer you must be steadfast. Blue Pit Bull kennels are pretty much the same as other pit bull kennels.

One thing we face with Blue Pit Bulls and Blue Pit Bull kennels and other colors as well is aggression. Generations of Pit Bulls have been bred to be fighters. This should never ever be encouraged. Pit bulls where also bred to kill rats. President Woodrow Wilson used his dog in the White House to kill the rats in the basement. Pit bulls are usually a loving caring dog. Precautions should be made for example, the dog should never go to a dog park, the puppy should be fed low protein dog food. (Consult your Vet.)

This dog is most likely to attack a small dog and not show aggression to human beings. Pit Bulls do better as a single dog in the house. Well behaved with children, they have a high tolerance with rough housing. They will be just fine living in an apartment and doesn't need a yard.

The dog should be fed in his dish and not given snacks by hand. Use a favorite toy as a reward for good behavior. Make sure he gets his walk every day. If you will be going to an unknown place where it is crowded you might want to put a muzzle on the dog. A well socialized dog won't need a muzzle.

Before you pick a dog don't just pick one for the color, blue pit bull kennels may have blue dogs but they could have been bred badly. Look over the puppies carefully and get a look at the parents for any sign of aggression. It is best to get a puppy as young as possible before any bad behaviors have been developed.

With a little care and a loving atmosphere the Blue Pit Bull can be a sweet and obedient pet. If you need security this is your dog, they know instinctively who is a bad person and will fight to the death to protect their family.

Famous People who kept Pit Bulls: Fred Astaire, President Roosevelt, President Woodrow Wilson, Jack Dempsy, Thomas Edison, Bernadette Peters,Humphrey Bogart, Mel Brooks, Jan Michael Vincent, Ken Howard (Father in Crossing Jordon - his Pit Shadow saved his life), Stephan Jenkins, Mary Tyler Moore, Steve and Terrie Erwin (Crockhunters), Bill Berloni (Broadway show dog trainer who has said that the Pit is the breed of choice for training), Laura Ingalls Wilder, (the dog was named Jack) and even Helen Keller have been lucky enough to own this fabulous, sweet, smart, lovable and brave dog.

Pit Bulls, Shepherds, Dobermans, Rottweilers are all grouped together and thought as mean spirited dogs which we know is not true. It is the owners of these dogs that have failed them **Remember there are no bad dogs just unenlightened owners** Are you looking for Blue Pit Bull kennels? I hope you find this article helpful.

Blue pit bull kennels


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      8 years ago

      i really like this old is he or she???


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