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Bombay Cats Breed Information

Updated on October 20, 2014

With their striking visual appearance, Bombay cats steal the runway wherever they go. Two types of cats share the "Bombay" name and many physical and psychological qualities: The American and British Bombay. There are differences between these two types of cats that breed fans will want to note.

Bombay cat
Bombay cat

Origin of Bombay Cats

Both types of Bombay cat are closely related to the Burmese. American Bombay cats are the result of a Burmese crossed with an American shorthair kitty. British Bombays are descendent of the Burmilla breeding program (Burmese-Chinchilla) and are sometimes called Asian Selfs.

Bombay Temperament

Both the American and British Bombay are renowned for their friendly, curious temperaments. These cats often enjoy playing -- even playing fetch -- and can be trained to walk on a leash. If you're looking for a cat with a dog-like personality that wants lots of attention, either type of Bombay will work well for you!

Appearance of Bombay Cats

Both British and American Bombays share the "Bombay" name and resemble tiny panthers. Their similarities go beyond that, too: Both have an interesting take on the typical cat's meow. Both have rounded heads and squat muzzles that don't extend very far, giving them a somewhat flat-faced look. Both have wide-set eyes and soft, velvety black coats.

How to Tell a Bombay Cat

If you're wondering whether a potential kitty is an American or British Bombay, have a deep look into kitty's eyes to find your answer. The cats actually have different eye colors, one of the main ways to tell the breeds apart. American Bombay cats have eyes that appear orange or copper-colored. Their Brit counterparts have eyes that look greenish to brown in color.


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