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Places in Marikina where you can dine in, walk and bond with your dogs;,

Updated on August 17, 2016
Maria Cecilia profile image

Maria Cecilia has a passion for dogs. Peso is her dog whom she loves eternally, and she dedicates all doggie articles to him.

Where is Marikina

Time with My Dogs

I really enjoy spending quality time with my dogs. I wish I can always bring them wherever I go, but it's not easy, My Older dog Peso is never comfortable with long trips, he barks the whole time we were travelling via taxi or cabs that I really appreciate drivers who just laughed at him when he is behaving like a spoiled little boy. My younger dog is more behave but she prefers to sit on my lap when travelling, and she got agitated with too many people around her. So I guess it will be best to just look for a place not so far away from home. Well at least 2 tricycle rides away.

Living in a suburban place like Marikina city, sometimes it's hard to find a place where dogs can also be accommodated Luckily there are some establishments that extended their place in open space which allowed dogs to dine in with their human. The famous Marikina Riverbanks is one good place to walk the dog. The view of the river has always been an added factor for the human and dogs to enjoy the day walking. Along the riverside are restaurants that offers varieties of food that can satisfy one's craving. In case you don't want your dogs to eat human food from the restaurant, just pack a cup of dog food or pieces of dog treats, dogs when strolling do not really need to eat much... or else they will throw up.

Marikina River Bank with the huge image of MARIKITNA

Marikina Riverbanks

Marikina Riverbanks is the one where you can see the huge size statue (about 40 ft.) of Marikitna. Marikitna according to legend is a beautiful maiden and Marikina was named after her. The place is also well-known because of the river that naturally overflows during high tide, heavy rains or deluge. This place is just a few steps away from Marikina Veterinary where Peso had his vaccination, this is just a few blocks away from the Marikina Municipal Hall and Marikina Sportscenter. Dog owners often walk with their dogs in the Riverside. Going to this place is just two tricycle ride from home.

Chicks to Know Delicious Roasted Chicken in town

Just one tricycle ride from home

The Idea of going to this place was triggered by my frequent overtime resulting to my late home arrivals. Peso knew, that I am spending less time with them, so as a cover up for my shortcomings, I decided to bring them at this roasted chicken store.

If you are from Marikina City, you will not have a hard time finding this stall because it is just at the back gate of St. Scholatica school, and at least two blocks away from the Brgy. Marikina Heights Hall and Circle Mall. At least a meter away from the stall they have tables and chairs for customers who prefer to dine in. I went to the place with Peso and PM one weekend and I ordered for half roasted chicken and roasted liempo. Peso was in barking mode that night but he eventually kept quiet upon seeing the food. Well I know human food is not good for my dogs but for the sake of bonding time, I let them eat foods that are not usually served to them.

Chicks to Know is very affordable, students will surely love to spend their lunch time there. The food combinations are at a very reasonable price. It's like they built that chicken store there for the students and for People with dogs too.

PARILLA RESTAURANT, Near Circle Mall and St. Scholastica

I called up first before before visiting, I asked if they will allow dogs because I was planning then to celebrate Peso's 12th birthday. Parilla Restaurant allowed dogs but only at the outdoor part. Unfortunately Peso's birthday party did not push through because of the weather; but we went there to celebrate my birthday 2 months later. I only ordered for Bulalo and Chicken Barbecue.

The Parilla Restaurant is probably known for their traditional filipino food. The Bulalo tasted good, dogs like the meat and chicken, but since the restaurant has no paper plate, I was not able to feed my dog their complete meal at the resto, but I give them pieces of meat from time to time. Aside from eating I guess I enjoyed hanging out with my dogs and talked to them as if I am talking to kids, what a way to celebrate my birthday.

I like Parilla Restaurant because the place is conducive and most of all Dogs are welcome as long as they remain in the outdoor part. I like the Chicks to Know, chicken roasted stall because of the freedom it impart with me while dining in with my dogs, and how my dogs enjoy their new experience. I will always like the Marikina Riverbanks because it seemed made perfect for dog walking.

I love it when I spent time with my dogs in a different place. Going out with Peso and PM is like going out with little kids, only they don't ask you to buy toys when they see one..(but Peso is learning the trick LOL)...

But always remember that going out with dogs has greater responsibilities. Aside from snack and water, we should also bring poop bag to pick up the poop in case our dogs eliminated. We should bring wet ones to clean the dog's behind after pooping, and we should bring Alcohol and hand sanitizer when it seems impossible to wash hands.

Shall I still look for a place in Marikina where my dogs and I can walk, dine-in, and bond..? Of course... I really wish Marikina to open up for humans who love to hang out with their pets, but of course with a commitment to practice responsible pet ownership.

© 2013 Maria Cecilia


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    • Maria Cecilia profile image

      Maria Cecilia 4 years ago from Philippines

      tlpoague thanks for visiting.... yes find time to bond with your dogs, it's very refreshing and cool

    • tlpoague profile image

      Tammy 4 years ago from USA

      That is great that you could find some fun places to bond with your dogs. I love to spoil mine when I get a chance.

    • Maria Cecilia profile image

      Maria Cecilia 4 years ago from Philippines

      Hello thelma how are you where are you now? Philippines or Germany? anyway thanks for visiting.... it was fun always to go out with them.

    • Thelma Alberts profile image

      Thelma Alberts 4 years ago from Germany

      I see you enjoyed bonding with your dogs, Cecilia. I can understand that as I have Angus. I have not been to Marikina but I always associate this place with Philippines shoes. You know what I mean. I wish I could go there with Angus. Thanks for sharing;-)