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Border Collie Australian Shepherd Mix Puppy

Updated on May 6, 2011

Kash, A Border Collie/Australian Shepherd Mix Puppy

Kash, a 14 week old Border Collie/Australian Shepherd mix puppy playing with his gourd.
Kash, a 14 week old Border Collie/Australian Shepherd mix puppy playing with his gourd.

Kash the Dog

We received Kash from a super Border Collie Rescue Organization on January 15th, 2011. Kash was the runt of the litter.  He had 2 brothers and a sister.  Kash was the most friendly and receiving of the four pups when we went to visit them.

Initially we wanted a female.  Kash just gave us those puppy dog eyes and melted our heart.  My wife and I decided right then that his name would be Kash.  We originally had "Gootch" as our first choice of names, but this pup looked like a "Kash".

We immediately started to get the puppy used to doing his business in one area of the yard.  This puppy training was going to be intensive.  We started "clicker training" immediately.  Lo and behold it worked.  The little pup never had a single accident in the house for the 1st eight days!

We will try to keep this page updated with our ventures in dog training.  Like how to keep the dog from jumping on people, how to keep the puppy from biting, and how to get dog to stop itching.  There will be many episodes.

I also hope to review all the products we use on Kash for his best health and safety.  Also, we plan to tell you about healthy dog food, healthy dog food recipes, and what dog food we are feeding Kash for the best health.

So stay tuned for the further adventures of Kash the Dog.

Border Collie Aussie Mix Puppy

KASH the Dog

Kash, at 14 weeks old, already started puppy training.
Kash, at 14 weeks old, already started puppy training. | Source
Kash, at 15 weeks old, continuing puppy training.
Kash, at 15 weeks old, continuing puppy training. | Source
Notice the erect ears.  Compare that to the first photo. He woke up with a double ear erection for his 15 week birthday!
Notice the erect ears. Compare that to the first photo. He woke up with a double ear erection for his 15 week birthday! | Source
He winks!
He winks! | Source

Fast Kash!

Need some fast Kash?
Need some fast Kash? | Source

Five Commands To Teach You Dog

Five Commands To Teach Your Dog

  1. The Sit Command: The sit command is probably the first command most people teach their dog. It is probably a good idea to teach the stay command right along with the sit command. You will benefit greatly once your dog know and performs this command. Wherever you are, even in the presence of other dog, people, or even cats, you should be able to use the sit command with confidence.
  2. The Stay Command: This command is a good one to teach right along with the sit command. They can work well together and it is the most commonly used double command. This can keep your dog out of harm’s way, protecting your dog from getting hit, or chomping a baby rabbit.
  3. The Come Command: This “come here” command is probably the most important command your dog needs to master. When your dog masters the come command, it will give you confidence and a solid foundation for other dog training commands. The come command is can save your dog’s life, so make sure your pet gets this one down pat.
  4. The Heel Command: This important command will give you confidence and peace of mind when you have your dog on a leash or without a leash, in public. The heel command will teach your dog to walk close by your side. If you have concerns about him running away or having to be chased, then make sure your dog gets this training. This command can be taught with your dog either on or off his leash.

5. The “Off” or Down Command: Dogs that jump when they are excited tend to annoy and/or scare people, especially children and older folks. This needs to be nipped in the bud right away. It is best to teach this immediately to a puppy. Please do teach your dog not to jump on people, it can only lead to bigger issues when a dog jumps and possibly knocks someone down.

The best training I have found, and use when training Kash is Secrets to Dog Training. I highly recommend it to anyone with a puppy, or any dog that needs training. This is an easy to use, easy to implement, and very effective in a short amount of time.

More information on Secrets to Dog Training -->


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    • Efficient Admin profile image

      Efficient Admin 5 years ago from Charlotte, NC

      Kash is absolutely adorable and I bet he is smart as a whip. Thanks for sharing.

    • profile image

      Stephani 5 years ago

      I love the pictures, Kash is so cute! I just got an Australian Shepard collie mix who I names Stella. I'm having a hard time trying to train her not to bit and to house break her. Everything else she does great with! We go on walks, she knows how to sit and comes when called. Any tips or suggestions?

    • profile image

      Amanda 5 years ago

      I just got the same dog it was given to my cousin they didnt have the patience to have a puppy she is very smart and sweet it took 5 minutes to teah her how to shake

    • stylezink profile image

      stylezink 6 years ago from Atlanta, GA.

      Cute pup! I love Aussies and all mixes of them!

    • Miss Lil' Atlanta profile image

      Miss Lil' Atlanta 6 years ago from Atlanta, GA

      Oh my goodness what an adorable dog!! It looks so beautiful playing in the snow.

      Not only is this dog cute though, but I'm sure that this puppy is incredibly smart and easy to train as well. I mean Border Collies are the most intelligent dog breed, and Australian Shepherds are simply amazing as well.

      Also considering that his puppy is a mix that's a plus too, since mix breed dogs tend to take on the best traits of dog breeds, and they're less prone to hereditary disease and illness.

      ~ Miss Lil' Atlanta

    • KozmoKat profile image

      KozmoKat 6 years ago from SW. Michigan

      Thanks Dean and Dee,

      It's good to hear from you. Kash just hit 32 lbs too! His puppy fuzz is gone and he turned into a sleek young adult. He has lost a couple of those needle-sharp teeth the last 3 days.

    • profile image

      Dean and Dee 6 years ago

      You are so right, they are both stinkers, we are having a ball with him, but some times he is really stubborn...

      He was checked out at the vet on March 28 and now weighs 32#, and he is losing most of his puppy fuzz, except on his hips and back legs.. He is learning real quick, but has a mind of his own too... Keep up with your update on Kash, really enjoying it.

    • Silver Poet profile image

      Silver Poet 7 years ago from the computer of a midwestern American writer

      I love Aussies, and I love border collies. Good luck with your dog!

    • wordscribe43 profile image

      Elsie Nelson 7 years ago from Pacific Northwest, USA

      What a cutie!!! We have an Australian Shepherd, Labrador mix and he is THE BEST DOG EVER. We just love and adore him to pieces. Kash is as cute as can be... gotta love those aussie mixes.