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Bosley – My Four-Legged Half Brother

Updated on June 6, 2012

Bosley – My Four-Legged Half Brother

It has been six or seven years since Bosley joined the family. That has meant six or seven years of many laughs and many walks outside at random hours of the day/night. I was at college when I called home and mom said, “guess what we bought?” Now note, my parents collect antiques and so it could have been anything. She said a dog. I didn’t believe her. My mom has never been overly fond of Sam, in part, because Sam can be sneaky and cowers at the drop of a hat. Plus, sharing a house with a dog that sheds with a swing of her tail, hasn’t helped Sam. But she has accepted Sam as my dog.

So back to Bosley. He is a purebred Cairn devil of a Terrier. So, my mom chose a lapdog? I was very surprised and disappointed. I was hoping for a lab or some other large dog, who I could train to chase Frisbees or do anything like the wonder dogs on TV. Honestly though, more so, I was upset about the fact that they got a puppy while I was away at school. Although we got Sam as a puppy, I have no remembrance of her as a puppy, because of what I was going through with my illness. And so now, my mom, who tolerated Sam because of me, got a dog? It was weird. I still think it is, but she loves Bosley as if he was a real son. Jokingly, my dad doesn’t claim any credit when it comes to Bosley’s presence in our lives and so Bosley is a half-brother.

Bosley is the complete opposite of Sam. They’re really like night and day actually. Sam had spoiled the family because we didn’t have to walk her, she never had to be on a leash, and….she never barked. Never! It was weird, while also awesome because our neighbor’s dog made up the noise that Sam wasn’t making. But then, we got Bosley. He barks, growls, and responds to noises no one else hears. Bosley has required so much more work than Sam ever did. Yet, it hasn’t stopped my mom from doing all that has been necessary to keep him.

My dad trained Sam and because of that, Sam has a different relationship with him. In that, she seems to like him the most. When I was younger that really bothered me, because she was supposed to be my dog. Yet, she would always choose my dad. And so, because of this, my dad chose not to train Bosley because he didn’t want to be accused of stealing another dog. Now, as a result, we have to walk Bosley an uncountable number of times a day because he has to go to the bathroom like no other dog I’ve ever seen. It gets old when you’re in the middle of something, but it is, what it is, at the same time.

He also has a personality like I’ve never seen with other dogs. He’s very independent, while he still needs his loving. Bosley has done something Sam hasn’t, in that he has created a different kind of relationship with everyone in the house. Bosley is my dad’s friend when he is watching a movie, while he’s my friend when he wants to play and my mom’s friend when he wants his ears scratched. We all seem to have individual roles to him. While as a whole, we are still important to him. He has no problem climbing onto a chair so you can pet him, or nudging your leg when at the table so you can scratch his back.

It’s a riot when Bosley acts like a fierce dog that’ll fight if necessary, because really, he’s a wimp. He may bark and growl through the window or at a distance, but up close, he doesn’t dare.

He has changed my mom in a way that I would have never thought possible. She allows him to kiss her and to sit on the furniture when someone is also sitting. Plus, even more surprisingly, she has allowed him on her bed. That was an astounding surprise. I just think it really shows how miraculous dogs are; because never in a million years would I have expected my mom to allow a dog to do so much. I think it’s not just because of how cute he is, but he’s just so brazen.

Words really cannot express how much I love them both because of how different and similar they are. I think the end result is always the same though, their undeniable dedication has opened my eyes to what loyalty and love really is. They ask for nothing more and nothing less, which is just another reason why dogs rock!

Bosley - Relaxing


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