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Bosley – Truly a one-track mind

Updated on August 26, 2012

Growing up, as the only child, living in a small country town, if a friend didn’t live right down the road, gatherings weren’t as common as a kid might’ve liked. And so, as a kid, I always wanted one of those dogs that stayed by your side wherever you went. As a teenager, Sam joined the family and so that happened, but she was never into the play part that I had also hoped to get from a dog. But now, Bosley has taken the play role that Sam didn’t. He will play and make the family laugh, like I never expected. He’s figured out which family member best suits his different needs/wants. My dad is his movie buddy, while my mom is good for providing consistent meals and loving. And, he’s decided I’m good for all roles.

Before Bosley joined the family, I only thought of Cairn Terriers as yappy, little lapdogs. He has changed my entire perception of small dogs. His personality is so huge and one-of-a-kind. When he wants something, he will be one of the most persistent creatures I’ve ever seen. He really will not stop until he’s tried all avenues and decided there’s no way of getting what he wants. It’s a riot when he’s realized it, because wherever he is, he’ll just stop and lie down. Belly flat on the floor and legs spread about. It’s quite the picture, especially if he’s hot because then the little pink tongue also sticks out.

It’s really impressive how persistent he is. His favorite types of toys are those that squeak. Through the years, as we’ve played, he has learned different commands, like “let go” when tugging on a toy. Just writing this makes me smile, because he listens to my play commands, better than anything else, like “sit.” It’s as if, those commands are the only ones he feels are important, because he knows that if he doesn’t listen to them, then we’ll stop playing.

Earlier we were playing and when I was done, rather than throwing the ball, I put it in my pocket. An hour later, I was sitting on the floor and he started nudging my pocket because he remembered that I put the ball there. In the meantime, I had forgotten. It’s like he has a one-track mind. If I don’t acknowledge his nudging, he’ll then start pawing at my pocket. He doesn’t realize and even if he did, he probably wouldn’t care, but he has sharp claws, so the pawing hurts after a while. I know it’s natural to him, but it’s fascinating to see how he uses his paws like shovels.

If you’re sitting at the table and he’s decided he wants to be petted, he’ll nudge your leg, and continue nudging until you acknowledge what he wants. Then, he will position his body to where he wants you to pet him. He especially likes the part of his back, right above his butt, to be scratched. Weird. Then, when he’s had enough of that, (only he can decide) he’ll rollover so you can pet his stomach. He’ll let you pet his stomach forever.

He truly knows what he wants and will go for it, if he thinks it’s possible. If you’re sitting in the recliner he’ll jump up and make himself at home. The other day, we had been playing for a while and I still had the ball. He thought, and was right, that the ball was in my pocket. In the meantime, as I sat in the recliner, I also had my laptop on my lap. He didn’t care, and he was about to step all over it, before I had the chance to move it because he was in search of the ball! I don’t know why I was surprised by this, I mean he doesn’t know what a computer is, but it was like “hello, my computer is here!” So I just closed the computer and threw the ball. He jumped right off and chased it and of course brought back to me several times. Rarely does he decide when we’re done playing, I usually say enough.

In this picture, we had gone for a walk. Luckily it wasn’t a busy road, because at some point he decided he had enough and took it upon himself to take a rest.
In this picture, we had gone for a walk. Luckily it wasn’t a busy road, because at some point he decided he had enough and took it upon himself to take a rest.


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