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Boxer Breed Delight

Updated on September 30, 2014

Dog fads these days symbolize those "tiny lap types" small enough to carry in an accessors handbag to pump up your style or strut, but for the rest of us…

We want a real dog!

A dog big enough for a full body cuddle or strong enough to pull a heavy load of freshly cut firewood. We like our dogs to have strength of agility, intelligence and unbinding loyalty and affection.

We need Boxers!

The boxer breed is unique since these dogs are a mix of gentle spirit, playful tease, and protector. No one wants to meet a boxer face to snout when he is guarding a young child in the front yard! If you like being wrestled around in play or matched in physical strength, a Boxer is your newest companion. On the other hand, their gentleness is delicately matched to their ability and need to have hands on affection and love and some rough and tumble. They are true lovers who need to be in the know of everything going on around them.

I'll let the photos speak for themselves!

They like to...


Help You Eat...

They accept & protect other family pets inside...

And outside too!

They also let neighborhood friends eat from the tree

Boxers are always ranked in the top 20 best breeds of the year. So if you are looking for a companion that can rip your arm off while playing tug-a-war and then turn around and protect your other furry fluffs and children you are looking for a boxer!


Boxers must sleep in a bed, lay in your lap, cuddle on the couch. They must be indoors with the freedom to venture outside, must be walked, go on car trips, hiking and camping, basically everything you do or they will get depressed and feel left out. So if you are willing to share your home and bed, food and love, then you my friend, need a Boxer!

They think you are...

Cuddling is their fav...

They like Yoga

They love to sing...

Help open presents...

Eat crayfish...

Sit by the campfire roasting marshmellows

Hang out in the backyard...

Watch TV on a Friday Nite

And play hard but gently with the frisbee and kid

I mean what more can you ask from your dog! Boxers are by far the best breed for children, active families, animal lovers, bed cuddlers and snugglers, and no one will cross a boxer who is guarding his family and home.

The all you need to know about the Boxer breed

Boxer Breed

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© 2014 Amy Casale Choisser


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