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Boxer Personality and Training

Updated on October 12, 2014

An old story tells that when God create different breeds of dogs from clay, he came to his final task and decided to create the most beautiful dog ever. But this new breed of dog was vain and rushed to see before the clay was dried all the way and ran into his reflection in the mirror. This explains the flat nose characteristic of the Boxer, and also shows that God really could not carry out his plan for the cutest dog in the world! Here are some other amazing facts about the Boxer and information on training a boxer, if you have one.

Origins of the Boxer

Boxer dogs are from Germany and were probably very popular in Monaco or Bavaria, a probable place of origin for the breed according to records. In 1903, the first Boxer was imported as a pet by a Chief Justice from Europe to America. Today, dogs are very popular in the United States.

Boxer Personality

If you are a new owner of a boxer, you should be aware that they need a lot of attention and training. They are extremely intelligent dogs, which can again work in your favor when it comes to training, because they will easily learn what you are trying to teach. On the other hand it can be very detrimental, because they know how to use intelligence to get what they want, and not do what you want them to .

Boxer Training

Traditionally, boxers were trained to work as guard dogs - security for their people! So sometimes, people who have not known any boxers tend to assume that they naturally are aggressive. However, this is just a myth and in reality you will find that boxers are just as social, fun and friendly a many other favorite family dogs!

Because they are very intelligent dogs, Boxers can be very stubborn when they decide that they want to be. Sometimes your boxer will look at you and decide that they want to do something and you can not make him do it! Then you need to learn how to show your boxers that you are the boss! Start training your boxer at the age of six weeks to bring him to puppy school, where you will be able to learn the commands of basic obedience training and socializing with other puppies while instilling basic obedience lessons.

When your boxer reaches 13-16 weeks old, you can begin serious dog obedience dog training; this is the phase in which you must teach your dog that you are the boss! You have to prove to him that bad behavior will not be tolerated, no matter what! A good dog training remote collar can come in handy when disciplining your boxer to come through training. And you will need to be consistent in practicing what you learn in class!

The boxers really are a wonderful breed of dog and would make a loving and smart pet. Train your boxer early with some serious obedience training, and you can be sure you will have a wonderful family friend.


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