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A Tribute To Service Dogs!

Updated on May 27, 2013

German Shepard


Service Dogs Help The Disabled

Police dogs can track criminals. They can identify controlled substances. Police dogs have saved lives in search and rescue missions.Their unique sense of smell allows them to pick up the scent of someone who needs help. These dogs are very intelligent and have excellent physical agility as well. They undergo specialized training. Dogs have aided solders during wartime. During World War 1 they wore vests containing medical supplies. These dogs went into combat ahead of the medics. They also were able to comfort dying solders. Service dogs offer something very special to individuals they serve. They assist disabled individuals world wide. They serve individuals who have both mental and physical disabilities. Service dogs offer companionship to those in need.

Seeing-eye-dogs offer blind and visually impaired people greater independence and higher self esteem. Formal training of seeing-eye-dogs was first organized in 1819. a school was established in Vienna, Austria by Herr Johann Whilhelm Kleen. He founded the Institute for the Blind. After World War 1 his ideas were used to aid returning solders who had been blinded during the war. During the 1920's a school was founded in the United States. By 1931 schools teaching seeing-eye-dogs and their owner's were in England and Italy.

A Dogs Sniffing Talent

A dog not only smells beef stew it can distinguish the; carrots,potatoes, meat, spices as well.

Brave Dogs in the Movies

Rin Tin Tin started his acting career in 1925. He starred in twenty-five movies. Rin Tin Tin signed his movie contract with his paw print. He earned around five million dollars in his hay day.

Dog Team Saves Children!

According to, "In January of 1925, doctors realized that a potentially deadly diphtheria epidemic was poised to sweep through Nome's young people. The only serum that could stop the outbreak was in Anchorage, nearly a thousand miles away. But their only aircraft was dismantled for the winter. In desperation, officials turned to a much lower-tech solution: moving the medicine by sled dog." A dog named Balto led a team of dogs on the final stretch, They traveled through subzero temperatures and blizzard conditions. Balto kept his team on track. The valuable cargo reached Nome! Balto has a statute dedicated to him and a sled dog's indomitable spirit. The statute is in New York's Central Park in front of the Tisch Zoo.

Some People Food Is O.K.

Dogs can eat a small amount of unsalted peanut butter.Stuff some peanut butter in a toy. Your dog will be busy for quite a while. Peanut butter provides heart healthy fats, protein, vitamin B and vitamin E.


Dog Biscuits

3/4 cup hot water

1/3 cup butte or margrine

1/2 cup powdered milk

pinch of salt

1 egg

3 cups flour

(the darker the flour the darker the treat)

Melt butter using hot water and a bowl method. Then mix in powdered milk. Start adding the flour about a half a cup at a time. Knead for few minutes until stiff. Press into 1/2 inch thickness. Cut into shapes. Bones or any shape you like. Bake at 350 degrees for 50 minutes then turn off the heat and let biscuits cool for several hours to dry and harden them. Then they will be extra crunchy. Store at room temperature.

The dog treats are from link below. Have fun with your children or grandchildren and give them a try.

Food Dogs Should Never Eat


2.Candy containing sweetener Xylitol



5.Macadamia nuts

6.Onion or onion powder

7.Garlic raw, cooked or powdered

8.Yeast dough

9.Coffee grounds


Dogs are man's best friend.

Has a dog ever improved the quality of your life?

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article by Nicole Pajer


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