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Deciding Which Breed of Dog is Right for You

Updated on September 24, 2016
Poodle dog
Poodle dog | Source

Selecting a Dog Breed

The decision to owning a pet dog can be very rewarding to the owner. They make wonderful companions and give lots of unconditional love. But selecting the right dog breed for you depends on several issues. How big is your yard? Do you live in a house or an apartment? Is the dog for an elderly person or for young kids? You need to take these into consideration before choosing a dog breed that is right for you.

What to Consider in a Dog Breed

Large dogs are great for big yards and lots of space indoors. These dogs don't live as long as small dogs for some reason. Large dogs also need to consume more food than a small dog. Besides these negatives, they still make great companion dogs. One of the most popular dog breeds among families in the United States is the Labrador Retriever. German Shepherds are another popular breed.

Small dogs on the other hand make great lap dogs and can be picked up and cuddled. The negatives are; small dogs are more fragile because of their size. Some small dog breeds are more prone to health problems than the larger dog breeds. Small dogs can be more finicky when it comes to eating certain dog foods too. Small dogs such as; the chiwawa and poodle come in different small sizes. The teacup, miniature, toy and standard.

Regardless of their size, most dogs shed, some are short-haired others have long hair such as; the collie and husky. Some dog breeds have hair that needs to be groomed every 6 to 8 weeks like the poodle or Maltese.

Mixed Breed Dogs also known as mutts are for those who don't care about owning a pure-bred dog. Mixed breeds sometimes have better health issues and make wonderful pets.

Hybrid Dogs also known as Designer Dogs; are dogs that take a non-shedding dog such as, the poodle and cross it with another breed that sheds or doesn't shed. The Pompoo for example, is a Poodle and Pomeranian mix. The poodle is usually the standard choice to mix with other breeds. When the poodle is mixed with dogs that shed, the new hybrid dog won't shed and will have better health issues.

Pug dog
Pug dog | Source

Making the Final Decision

Whatever breed you decide on for your needs, I'm sure you won't be disappointed. But before you do please consider checking out a shelter where there are many homeless dogs waiting to be adopted. If you can't find the dog breed you are looking for, most shelters will put you on a waiting list to notify you when that breed comes into the shelter.

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Tips on Choosing a Dog


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    • Charity Squid profile image

      Charity Squid 5 years ago

      So Sweet. I'm glad the two Aussies turned out well for you!

    • Charity Squid profile image

      Charity Squid 5 years ago

      Thanks, I'm glad you enjoyed it and giving me the idea for a hub!

    • lobobrandon profile image

      Brandon Lobo 5 years ago

      Awesome hub, thanks so much for the amazing answer :) Voted up and useful

    • craftybegonia profile image

      craftybegonia 5 years ago from Southwestern, United States

      You know, we have never really gotten the dog we wanted. Nice hub, I hope it helps a lot of people choose the right dog for them. But you know, something must also be said for your heart. . .The first time, we adopted a half Great Pyrenee and half Australian Shepherd, and he turned out to be the most beloved, precious dog on earth to us. Now we have two pure breed Aussies which had been abandoned, all the time, we wanted something else. I love Cockers, but I would not change our dogs for anything, once you love'em they are keepers!