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Breeding Convict Cichlids: How to Breed and Raise Babies Convict Cichlids

Updated on January 30, 2015

How to breed Convict Cichlids

Breeding Convict Cichlids can be as easy as adding fish and water and you have babies. But there are some things you want to know about convict cichlids that you enable you to get the best outcome of babies and have a pair of cichlids successfully breed. This method can be used for jelly bean cichlids(a cross between convict and Parrot cichlids) Also pink, and black convict cichlids. Check out these new aquarium backgrounds store

I will go over how to breed, tell between male and female, raising the babies and baby food recipes for great growth and development of the babies. Also the suitable tank for your adults to breed and for your babies to grow out.

Materials needed:

  • 20 gallon tank
  • filter
  • tank heater
  • Thin layer of gravel
  • orange clay pot
  • food recommended further down


Sexing Convict Cichlids

Telling the difference between male and female is easy. Look at the photo above the fish on the left is the female. The color has nothing to do with it. Notice the male on the right has a hump on his head. Also


  • Rounded top fin and anal fin
  • usually a red patch on belly


  • Pointed top fin and anal fin
  • sometimes a little red on belly not common though
  • Hump on head
  • Larger than females

Protecting the eggs
Protecting the eggs


Breeding Convicts cichlids is easy. Once you have selected the female and male then you can place them in a 20 gallon or 10 gallon tank. If you choose a tank of these sizes I would not have any other fish in their because these cichlids are extremely aggressive and will kill anything that gets near their nest. I had two 3 inch convicts take down a 10 inch Oscar in a 75 gallon tank because he got near the nest.

Add an orange clay pot to the tank on it side, the cichlids will build a nest inside the pot. This makes a perfect area for cleaning and allows them to keep a eye on them. They may not use it all the time but they usually go to it eventually.

I feed them frozen food everyday usually frozen bloodworms, brineshrimp, glassworms these all work best. Frozen food for fish is almost as good as live but is nice because it has a little to nothing chance of carrying disease unlike some live foods.

The cichlids will circle around an area and usually breed. It's very important just to leave them alone and let them breed and even after they breed leave them alone only feed them once a day. The parents are great they will hover and fan the eggs to prevent fungus and they will take out eggs that are fungus.


Raising Convict Cichlid Babies

The babies hatch after a couple days and attach to the surface their closes to. The babies look like these a week or two later. You don't feed the babies the first 24 hours after hatching. They eat off their yolk. The babies should be fed a combo of omega one flake food, freeze dried bloodworms, freeze dried brine shrimp this should be put in a zip lock bag and use a rolling pin to make it in to a fine powder. feed them twice daily. Feed parents first to ensure the babies get the food.

It's best to transfer babies to a large grow out tank like a 55 gallon tank.  Or as big as you can get.  Also doing 50 percent water changes every three days will allow awesome results in the growth of the babies.  In the grow out tank wait until they have been out of the egg a week then and free swimming and then they will be good to go.



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    • profile image

      fish 2 years ago

      That's all Ron

    • profile image

      Frank Galka 6 years ago

      Sir, I really enjoyed your video and your input on Convicts. I am looking to start a Convict tank in the very near future. Would it be possible to get your email address so we could communicate over what I will need to do and I also could give you info on my tank setup. I would really appreciate it!

      Thank You!