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Breeding Rabbits For 4-H For Kids

Updated on March 1, 2011
Great Rabbits make great show rabbits
Great Rabbits make great show rabbits

New York 4-H Clubs

When your a child it's a dream come true when your parents bring you home your very first pet. Now with most kids the animal loses their interest after 4-6 months and the parents get stuck taking care of it. But you can get your child excited even at a young age by having them join a 4-H club.

What is a 4-H Rabbit Club

The rabbit 4H is where kids from all over show their rabbit breeds in shows that see how well you care for and can show your rabbit. Their are many things that judges look for at the show and it's alot of fun and gets the kids out and about and making friends. Their are also Guinea Pig shows, if rabbits aren't your thing. Rabbit shows are all over the place and the best place to fin them are. Some clubs locations you can find here at 4 H Rabbit Clubs.  With alot of clubs their are fun activities to do and the ages usually range between 5 to 19 years old which is awesome because the older kids can teach the yonger ones how to show rabbits properly as well as be a great teacher.


If you want to join a 4H club then it's best if you join ARBA then this will be the best investment for your child or even you. Joining ARBA has tons of benefits including grand champion rankings for your rabbits. The perk of joining 4H is that you can sell the rabbits and help collect money for your childs college. When you join ARBA you get a copy of the Official Guidebook To Raising Better Rabbits, a subscription to Domestic Rabbits magazine, Registration, Grand Champion certification and other privileges. The grand champion certificate can actually make your rabbit worth more as well as your offspring from the rabbits with the grand champions. I have had rabbits with 7 grand champions and it's great for your kids to show them how to properly care for their rabbits. For a list of shows in NY check out NY ARBA Shows.

Youth Memberships gor for $12.00 for a year it's best to buy a couple years in advance so that you don't have to worry about renewing.

ARBA also offers great benefits for kids like, scholarships, discounts on arba clothing, discounts on stores.


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