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Bring back Dinosaurs

Updated on March 8, 2017


I have been watching that Jurassic Park movie. And, I thought what if that really happened?
There would not have to be some crazy old man with a lot of money making many people's lives hell to make a monster dinosaur. The man might have looked like a nice old man that could not hurt anyone. That was not the case.

What? He was so nice.

No. He was someone whom wanted to make money off of extinct animals. He wanted to charge people a lot of money to get onto the island.

No, that was the lawyer that wanted the money. The old man had a lot of money. The first island was a few cars looking at dinosaurs.

What type of part could pay it's people and make money? A person that charged a high rate to go to the park.

The rich could have been the target. There would be no children's day or discount for admission.


Also, he talked about cloning. He looked as if he might have been able to clone himself. What if he cloned even more dinosaurs and himself?

This is about dinosaurs.

Sometime later

Over a some time the DNA might be able to bring back a dinosaur looking creature.
Say this works. Dinosaurs are real.


The dinosaur would need grown in numbers to not become no longer living once again.

At first the dinosaur would be a critically endangered species. The trends would be on increase due to the making of the new dinosaur.

This dinosaurs would have to be kept in zoos until they reached a level where they could be introduced into the wild. This might be about 500 of one single dinosaur.

Released Dinosaur

The dinosaur released would need to fit into the environment.
The over greasing of a new species would only kill off species in the area.

If the conditions are right for a new species and the numbers are alright to be in a new environment.


Some old guy can fulfill his dream opening up his dream park. Jurassic Park can be open for business.

His park with dinosaurs that eat people and try to get into the population can be a reality. People all over the world will be able to flee in a terror.

Game hunters

This people will have a reason to wake up in the morning. They will enjoy catching new animals that was not available in prior years.


The chosen parks few would be happy to welcome new members of their park.


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