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Things to know before taking a dog at home

Updated on November 6, 2013

Dear, reader,

I have always been a dog lover. Since I can remember I always wanted sweet little puppy. When I was a child my parents did not want a dog at home , mostly because my brother was a baby. I got my first dog when I was 12. His name is Dobby , a two year old Pekingese whit a very bad habit to bite. It wasn’t his fault because he was abused by his previous owner. Dobby is now 13 years old and still living with me. He is doing much better and he trusts people again.

A while ago I started to think I am ready to take care of another dog. I wanted a puppy wanted a larger breed bacause I needed to live more active life. I always like to do some research before i take any action so I started to read books and articles about dogs and I started to ask other dog owners about their dogs. I knew that living with a larger dog will be very different than my expiriance with my little pekingese. Taking a dog at home is a challenging thing and in my case it is even more because I live in an apartment. So I will tell you what I did to prepare myself to bring a puppy in my life.

The decision

First of all my decision was not an impulsive one. It took me months to read and learn the needs of a puppy. I really don’t think that it is a good idea to take a puppy at your home just because it is cute. Would you adopt a child without thinking how you will raise that child. Puppies just like little children have needs. They are 24/7 responsibility . You can’t take the little furry friend at home and just leave it alone for hours . So you have to have time. Don't be impulsive be responsible.

Another thing to consider is the money issue. Owning a dog is expensive . First you have to feed your dog quality food which costs money. A larger breed eats large amount of food. Your dog will need a vet and vets are not cheap. You can do a research about the vet costs and expenses. Another thing is that the dog can destroy something at your home. It is common thing for dog owners to change a sofa or two.

If you are neat freak probably you will have to think twice before getting a puppy because puppies are messy. Yes they pee, they poo and they chew, not to mention they shed. Your house will be full of dog hair at least twice a year. I turn on the vacum cleaner twice a day sometimes.

Dogs need walks. If you choose more energetic breed you have to provide your dog an active way of life. You have to get up early in the morrning and you can't make exuses to skip a walk. Your dog will be good if he/ she is tired.

When you decide to take a dog you should always have in mind that this lovely creature will be your responsibility for the next 10-15 years. And he will depend on you to take care for him/her. You will have to provide safe and loving enviroment.

So to take a dog at home you have to:

-Have time

-have money

-be ready for the mess

If you are fully mentally prepared you are ready for the next step

Choosing a breed

Every dog lover has a favorite breed. But you have to keep it realistic. It is almost impossible to take care of high energy dog if you are not high energy person. So take a time to self-reflect . Are you lazy? Or do you love the open air, love to go out. Can you keep up with your dog? Are you patient enough to train a more stuborn breed? To choose a breed you have to be in touch with your own personality and lifestyle.

Choose a breed with energy and activity level similar to yours. Your lifestyle and the dog’s lifestyle must be one. You have to be in harmony with each other.

Choosing the puppy

You always should take a puppy from a verified source. If the person who sells you the dog seems shady don’t take the dog. A good breeder knows everything about his dogs. He will give you advice on how to take care of the puppy. Always check the dog’s health status before you bring it home.

Which puppy from the litter should I take?

Well I will tell you what I did ?

I didn’t take the one who came running towards me the moment I entered the room. This was the most energetic and extroverted dog. I didn’t take the dog curled up in the corner of the room with a tale between it’s legs.

The puppy I took home was the one who approached me slowly. I asked myself how I act in toward a stranger and I wanted my dog to react the same way. Remebre what I said about the dog breed. Well the same rules apply here. Your dog must be close to your energy level. I am introverted person thats why I skiped the high energy dog.

Why I wrote this hub:

I think that taking a dog home must be a continuous decision not an emotional one. Many people take dogs but they are not ready. Those dogs end up in shelters or on the streets. Yes puppies are very cute and the envoke an immediet emotinal response but they are not stuffed animals and they have needs. If you are able to fullfill those need you will have a loyal friend for life.


I am not a dog trainer. I am just happy dog owner. Everything I wrote in this hub is my own personal experience . I would be glad if I helped someone

© 2013 scarletohara


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