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Bubbly Paws Dog Wash & Dog Spa

Updated on July 5, 2014

My new dog Hazel

My new dog Hazel and I both had a good experience at Bubbly Paws
My new dog Hazel and I both had a good experience at Bubbly Paws

A Great Day At Pride Festival Ruined

As a member of Minnesota Purebred Dog Breeders Association I was on my way to the Pride Festival in Loring Park in Minneapolis. A combination of not having been in the area for a long time and not paying attention to where I was going made me miss the exit to Hennepin Ave, it took me an hour to find my way back to Loring Park. The first parking lot I saw was full. As I was waiting to turn I saw two on street spots. All of a sudden I heard my dog getting sick, so I decided to head on home.As I was driving home I was thinking about what to do with my dog. I remembered by classmate at MSB Sabrina had gotten a job at a self service pet washing shop. I make a phone call and my friend found out the name and location of her shop.

My Ah Ha Moment

I had previously lived in the St Louis Park area which is where the Minneapolis Bubbly Paws is located. I was really surprised at how much things had changed since I had lived there with all the upscale condos and shops. When I found the shop and entered I was greeted by Sabrina with her great big friendly smile. We opened up the crate and there sat my thirteen pound Miniature Schnauzer Hazel both her and her crate were covered in vomit. Despite my dismay at the situation I picked her up out of the crate and put her in the tub. With a cheerful attitude Sabrina volunteered to wash my crate and leash after she showed me how to operate the shower. She explained that I could use all of the shampoo and conditioner that I wanted. I was surprised as the shampoo and conditioner did not have the usual heavy perfume oder. After the bath Sabrina showed my the drying room and I took Hazel in there for a blow dry. When I turned it on the dryer was so forceful that she nearly jumped out of her skin. I ended up sitting on the platform with her and blow drying both of us as I had gotten a little wet when I bathed her. At that same time Sabrina had my crate and leash ready so I was ready to roll!

Bubbly Paws Philosophy

Bubbly Paws is owned by Keith and Patrycia Miller who are firm believers that good customer service is not a thing of the past. This is very important to them and all of their staff members do go the extra mile to prove it. Their Minneapolis spa is in an updated modern part of St Louis Park. There is plenty of parking and the store is well laid out and the wash tubs are very easy to use. The blow drying stations are set up so that if you need to you can hold your dog if your need to while drying.

Summary For Bubbly Paws

I had a great experience at Bubbly Paws. The staff went the extra mile to help me. This was my first visit to a dog spa and it was a very good experience. They also have a great web site that has pictures of their spa along with area events that they will be attending, low cost micro chipping and vaccination clinics. This is the URL for their site. This will take you right to their events page:

They Saved The Best Surprise For Last

Nothing could have beaten the excellent service better than the surprise I got at the cash register. For all that helpful friendly service I expected to pay at least $20.00 but the bill was around the $11.00 mark. I was very happy with their facilities as well as their staff. I was also happy to see my friend Sabrina's smiling friendly face again.

Bubbly Paws Spa a great place to go

I am so glad that the bad day I had was turned into a better one thanks to Bubbly Paws. They have a great customer service philosophy which their staff follows. Their facilities are bright, clean, and very easy to use. Along with their very helpful friendly staff, who make bathing your dog a very easy chore. I highly recommend that you visit them as it will make your life easier while not breaking the bank.


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    • Judywritesathub profile image

      Judy Robinson 3 years ago

      A Miniature Schnauzer. Hazel is a Manit dog she is from Texas. Check out his web site. The URL : He breeds dogs with great personalities.


    • JayeWisdom profile image

      Jaye Denman 3 years ago from Deep South, USA

      Hazel is gorgeous.... Schnauzers rock! (Guess what breed of dog I share my life with?)

      Voted Up/Interesting