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Buck Up and Ban New York State Captive Hunting

Updated on March 26, 2020
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Melissa Ann holds a B.A. in PoliSi and a Masters in Pastoral Studies.

Free The Captives

To stand up for something one believes in takes courage, but if we can't speak up for ourselves? How can we speak up for others? Humanity has been bestowed with many gifts and tools to thrive in this beautiful world we call earth. ”We the People" are born with natural rights or God given rights, which means we have right to Life and Freedom. We have a right to exist and thrive regardless of any system that seems to assert its authority over us. But in order for us to be free we must make right choices and if we make bad choices we must face the consequences and be held accountable for our actions. Fighting for what is right takes courage, perseverance and faith. We have inherited a magnificent planet and we should work together collectively to take care of one other and creation.

I believe every living, breathing being of creation has a right to life, to grow and flourish. There are so many causes and issues worthy of addressing, however today I'd like to speak up for the animals that do not have a voice, in particular our wildlife.

I want to talk about the cruel and unnecessary so-called sport called Canned Hunting. There are over one thousand captive hunting preserves in the United States. Captive hunts, also referred to as "canned hunts" or "shooting preserves", take place on private property where animals are trapped and ultimately killed. These private captive hunts can be held on a small estate or hundreds of acres. Canned hunting preserves are having a grievous impact on animals and the environment.

One of the many reasons why canned hunting should be banned is the threat of a deadly infection called Chronic Wasting Disease (CWD). Scientific research shows that CWD is spread by captive animals to the wild animal population when a captive animal escapes like deer, moose and elk. The disease can spread through urine, saliva and feces. To date, twenty-one states have tested positive for CWD. Allegedly, there is recent evidence that Chronic Wasting Disease may spread to humans. Research shows the only way to stop the spread of this fatal disease is to shut down hunting preserves.

Aside from the affects on humans, canned hunting also has a horrific effect on the animals. Hunting preserves offer their clients the chance to shoot and kill domestic and exotic animals, including endangered species. Furthermore, many hunting preserves do not require their customers to have a hunting license, so many aspiring hunters have no experience with a gun or a bow. Therefore, numerous animals are needlessly tortured by inexperienced shooters.

Recently, there has been an increase in state legislation - nationwide, however the majority of states have made fruitless attempts to regulate enclosures and the breeding and transportation of animals. Current regulations are extremely poor and do not protect the animals. For example, New

York State enacted legislation that require animals to be only ten acres away from the shooter before an animal is hunted down and killed. Administrative agencies like the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation play a crucial role in the canned hunting problem. Agencies like the DEC issue your standard hunting licenses, but they also regulate shooting preserves and the transportation of animals to the preserves in New York State. However, these laws are ineffectual because they do not protect animals, nor is it stopping the spread of chronic waste disease. Much of the legislation that is enacted is put in place to appease certain groups of people and do not to solve the real issue.

It is our responsibility to take care of one another, the animals and the environment. Don’t wait for someone else to solve a problem you deeply care about. Use your voice, your gift or whatever it takes to save our world from further destruction.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

© 2020 Melissa Ann Argay-Wenner


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