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Blue Buffalo Dog Food For A Healthy Dog

Updated on January 15, 2010

photo by Michelle Meiklejohn

Why Should You Feed Your Best Friend Buffalo Blue Dog Food?

Most of us are aware of the health benefits of organic foods. We make an effort to choose fresh meat and produce that is nutritious and free of pesticide residue or hormones, but when it comes to our pets we often just pick a bag from the grocery store shelf without even glancing at the ingredient list. If you're feeding your dog this kind of packaged kibble chances are he's not getting the healthy proteins, vitamins, and minerals that he needs. Even dog foods that are labeled as "premium" or "complete" don't have the full array of nutrients that your dog needs.

The Association of American Feed Control Officials is responsible for drafting the nutritional requirements and quality standards for our pet food. These standards allow pet food manufacturers to use offal, hair, blood, and hooves for the protein components of many pet food products. A lot of the major pet food manufacturers in our country are subsidiaries of multi-national corporations that produce human food products. The pet food companies help them make a profit off of what would otherwise be garbage. All these "left overs" from the slaughterhouses are considered unfit for human consumption.

Your pet's food is only required to comply with the AAFCO's minimum nutritional requirements, and a lot of pet foods barely meet these requirements. Why? It's a pricing strategy. The less good stuff the pet food manufacturer puts in the bag the less it costs to make the product. They're just trying to make a buck. So when you're buying pet food make sure you read the label. If you see a lot of animal by-products, or additives keep looking. Be aware that grain by-products are used for filler in many pet foods. Grain by-products are nothing more than the sweepings form the mill floor.

I feed my dog Buffalo Blue Dog Food. Blue uses high quality meats for protein Those are the first ingredients listed, meaning they are a large part of the volume of the food. For carbs Blue uses brown rice, barley and oats, grains that are easier for your pooch to digest than the GM corn that makes up a lot of conventional pet foods. Flax seed oil and fish oils give your dog a healthy dose of omega three fatty acids.

All the ingredients in these foods are organic, and Buffalo Blue dog food contains no artificial flavors, colors, or preservative. My favorite thing about this dog food? It has something that the folks at Buffalo Blue call Lifesource Bits. The bits have an extra dose of vitamins and minerals to help your dog feel his best, and they're cold processed so that none of the good stuff gets cooked out.


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