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Build your own backyard chicken pens

Updated on January 13, 2010

Make your own chicken house easily

Looking for chicken coops|cages for sales information?

  Want to buy chicken cages of good quality at bargain prices?

 A chicken coop|cage is nothing but a shelter constructed for the purpose of housing the chickens to protect them from predators and inclement weather conditions that may affect their egg laying capacity.It can be made from wood,plastic or metallic frame as per the spending capacity of the owner.

 There are many benefits of keeping a backyard chicken coops|cages.

 1.Rearing chickens is a profitable home business.

 2.You start getting the returns in the form of eggs or meat as early as within months or even weeks.No long gestation period for your investment.

 3.You get effective free manure for your kitchen garden in the form of chicken excrement.

 4.You get fresh healthy organic eggs and meat from your backyard.

 5.The chicken eat the insects and other bugs to keep your garden or backyard pest and bug free.

 6.It is soothing experience to watch the chickens move around your garden gracefully.

This has a calming effect on the nerves.

 Once you decide to rear chickens at your backyard,there are two ways of going about it.

You can look out for ready made chicken cages|coops for sales to buy chicken cages|coops ready made.The advantages of buying a readymade chicken cages|coops are that you save time and the hassle of building one yourself.Besides there is workmanship in the readymade chicken coops that you cannot match especially if you have no carpentry experience or background.The disadvantage is that readymade chicken cages|coops can be very costly and may hurt you financially if you are on a shoestring budget.

There is also an option of ordering an un-assembled  Chicken Coop|cage kit which has all the parts cut to size as per your requirements that can be assembled at your end as per the detailed instruction manual that accompanies the kit.If you do not have time even to do the assembling, it is easier to order fully assembled chicken coop|cage that will be delivered to you with extra cost..

The other way is to build a chicken cage|coop yourself by the help of ‘do it yourself’ e-book.The advantages of this process are as follows.

 1.You save considerable money.

 2.You know how it is built so that it becomes easy to repair if the situation arises

and also that you can maintain your chicken coop|cage.

 3.You have the satisfaction of building the chicken cage|coop with chosen quality inputs

so that the chicken cage has a longer life.

 4.You have the sense of accomplishment by building your own chicken cage that stands

as a testimony to your engineering and carpentry skills.

    Whether you buy chicken cages|coops ready made or build yourself one,you have to decide about certain things before hand.

 Choose the size of the chicken coop depending on the number of chickens you want to rear.More the number of chickens bigger the size of the chicken cage|coop.

 Choose the breed of chickens that can survive and thrive in the climatic conditions of your area.

 Make sure you know and abide by the latest rules and regulations of your local and central governing bodies before embarking on chicken rearing.These regulations keep changing and so be sure to keep at the right side of law.

For more information visit the website below.

<a href="">build your own backyard chicken pen</a>


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