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Pit bull Rescues: Why They Exist

Updated on August 24, 2012
Peaches is a Pit Bull Terrier mix that is available for adoption in Spokane, WA
Peaches is a Pit Bull Terrier mix that is available for adoption in Spokane, WA | Source

What Bully Rescues Do

Bully breed rescues have been popping up around the country in recent years and they usually get a bad rap because people don't understand what they really do. Since the popularity of pit bulls and similar breeds has increased in illegal activities and gang, the bully breeds have suffered. Rescues have been formed to specifically care for these types of dogs. The most common reason for their imprisonment in pounds and shelters is that people fear them or don't understand how to care for them. This is mainly the fault of media hype.

Many pit bull rescues not only try to find homes for the dogs in their care but also try to educate people on the breed. Pit bulls are misunderstood, they are deemed dangerous not for their individual actions but those actions of people would mistreat them and abuse them. Many dogs that live at the rescues have had difficult lives, they have been abandoned, neglected, abused or were never given the chance to being with. The rescues dedicated to this dogs do their best but still get looked down on by people who simply don't understand and believe everything they read.

What People Think The Rescues Do

I have found that there is an idea about bully rescues going around that they supply dogs to people for fighting or other illegal activities. This is a baseless and harmful idea. Because of the use of pit bulls in gangs and thanks to news articles (where no research is done) people avoid or even condemn those who run the rescues.

Rescues are set up with one common goal, to help the dogs. Most do extensive background checks, home checks and personality checks before letting a dog go into a home. This is to eliminate the possibility of a dog being harmed or even ending up back at the rescue center.

What It Takes

Pit bulls and similar breeds have a special way of being pains for people who work with them. It truly does take a certain type of person to run a rescue dedicated to bully type dogs. Most people would think its because of their aggression but that isn't the case, they tend to have the same temperments as any other breeds out there. The challenges are with their stubborn, head strong personalities. Pit bulls are very strong dogs and they know it. If they don't feel like working with you on training then they wont do it. They have extremely tough skin and can take a lot. So you can't just smack their nose or swat their butt and expect them to start working.

Trainers need to be patient, they need to know how to talk to get the dogs to response in a positive way and they need to realize that no matter how big they are the dog is still stronger and will win. They also need compassion, many dogs that end up at rescues were abused and that makes them jumpy or shy and people need to respect that and re-teach the dog that people are generally good. It takes a lot out of someone to train a previously abused dog and with stubborn pit bulls, it can be a rough road. But it can be done and there are people out there who have proven that it can. They work with these misunderstood pets every day, they stay up at night with those who have health problems, they work with dogs that traditional pounds would rather euthanize then deal with.

Pit bulls are an amazing breed of dog, they can usually pick themselves up from any situation and transition into a family dog with ease after basic training. Rescues are meant to help dogs and people find each other. Just because of a type of breed doesn't mean a dog deserves any less love then another.


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    • Charlu profile image


      6 years ago from Florida

      Great hub with a lot of interesting info on pit bulls and bully rescues. I have several friends that have pits and they are all just a big bunch of spoiled babies. Of course most of them were raised that way. Voted up useful and interesting


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