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Bully Breeds ban

Updated on October 9, 2011

bully breeds

A big topic that has been going for the last couple of years in Breed Specific Legislation. In many cities the city council has banned many bully breeds like the pit bull which isn't a breed but a classification anyways. I live in Colorado and we have three cities currently that have these type of bans. Denver's ban doesn't allow any resident to have a pit-bull at all, whereas Commerce City and Aurora grandfathered the existing dogs into the city but the residents cant get another pit-bull after theirs dies. Residents in Aurora and Commerce City have to pay a yearly fee, muzzle and chip the dog in order keep them. If set rules are not followed the dog will be confiscated, and possibly euthanized, plus the owners are heavily fined.

I have personal ties to these bans since I live in a banned city. Every year I have to register my dog with Animal control and they come to inspect my property to make sure I am properly securing my dog which I think is completely ridiculous. The fact that I am having my rights infringed on because other people cant control their dog is very irritating. My dog isn't vicious hasn't done anything wrong but yet he is being discriminated against just because he is a pit-bull type dog.

I have gotten asked on numerous occasions, how could I keep such a viscous animal around my children? What a preposterous question, I mean why would anyone say that. Like I would be stupid enough to keep anything around my children that I thought is dangerous. I haven't nor anyone in my family ever been bitten by any of my dogs. However I did invest in training early on to establish boundaries but that besides the point.

To sum up my feelings about BSL it is the owner not the dog that is the issue. No dog just like no child should be punished when the parents are to blame. I think if more people would take this philosophy to heart we would be better off.


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    • bulldogrocks profile image

      bulldogrocks 6 years ago from Colorado

      No I'm not Aurora I live in Commerce City but I am working with Sonya Dias to get the BSL overturned. I actually want to get my dog tested since dome people think he looks like a Rhodesian Ridgeback.

    • profile image

      Auroraadvocate 6 years ago

      I am an Aurora advocate working to end bsl in our city. I have worked with council members and been involved only over a year. Are you in Aurora? We can use all the support we can get. I expect next year will be interesting. This year we got the number of breeds reduced and a DNA defense passed. I hope you will be another voice to city council and consider being active in getting bsl repealed in Aurora. Please contact me if possible.