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Bully sticks for dogs

Updated on March 14, 2011

Learn more about a great dog treat

If dog owners are looking for long lasting treats that are much safer than raw hides, they may consider investing in bully sticks. Also known as pizzle sticks, beef sticks, beef pizzles, not many dog owners really know what bully sticks really are.

Merchants that do not wish to upset their clients gently refer to them as "beef tendons or dried muscles" which is sort of a half truth over all. In reality bully sticks are made out of a bull's private.

The bull's private which generally measures an average of 25 inches is carefully cleaned and hung in the air so the fluids are drained off. After wards, they are stretched, in some cases braided or twisted and then dried while adding a tasty smoky flavor that dogs crave.

Once stretched, the bully sticks turn out to be thin brown sticks that have lost their unpleasant smell once processed. The overstretched stick now measures up to 40 inches and can be divided into smaller sticks or 4 inches, 7 inches, 9 inches and 12 inches. The 12 inch bully stick is one of the most popular, however, bully sticks of about 30 inches may be found as well.

Bully sticks are very popular among dog owners because they are very time consuming. A dog may be found chewing it almost all day long because they are very hard to chew and soften only with the dog's saliva. Small dogs may chew on bully sticks for weeks.They are also much more safer than other bones because they do not tend to splinter or break up in large pieces.

Bully sticks are also mostly 100% natural, they help dogs keep their teeth clean and they are much more digestible than rawhides. Bully sticks may be found in specialized pet stores or through various retailers online. As with any toy, bone or treat, it is best to always supervise dogs and remove pieces when small enough to swallow whole.

Bully stick samples


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