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Burglars Killing Pets

Updated on November 12, 2010

Burglars Killing Pets

This is a concern many of us never think of. I never would have realized the subject of burglars killing pets to be a major issue until I started researching this article. But it's a crime no one with a pet left at home while the owner's are away is immune to. I'd like to tell you about a few of the cases that made the headlines.

1. October 30, 2010. One dog and two puppies were stabbed to death during a burglary in Attica, Indiana when two men broke into a residence where they previously lived. An adult male pit bull and two Boston terrier-rat terrier-mix puppies, about 5 months old, were killed during the burglary. After they stabbed the dogs, they dumped the bodies in a storm ditch and then set fire to the residence to try to cover their crime.

Christopher T. Bartlow and Theodore E. Robinson III, both 18 of Attica, have been charged with burglary, theft, arson and killing a dog. All of these are felonies under Indiana law. Killing a dog became a Class D felony about a year ago.

They were booked under $25,000 bond.

The population in Attica in the 2000 census was under 4000,_Indiana

2. A 9 year old toy poodle was stabbed several times in the Cordele area of Albany Georgia in late August, 2010. Shila (Sheila?), a sweet little dog weighing around 5 lbs., belonged to the family of Michael Shira. They returned to their Cordele home to a blood splattered house and found Shila stabbed around 8:30 a.m. on a Saturday morning. She died twelve hours later.

An air conditioner, TV, Wii game, money and jewelry were stolen when someone broke in through a side door while the family was away.

The family believes this to be a hate crime and are very afraid because the killers are still out there. Anyone with any information is asked to call the Cordele Police Department at 276-2921.

The population in Albany is listed in the 2000 census as just under 77,000.,_Georgia

3. A 10-year old boxer bulldog was killed in a Charlotte, NC home in April of 2008. A neighbor witnessed three men jump over and fence carrying a shotgun and did not report this to police until the family came home. The family found their dog dead from a single shotgun blast at close range. They believe the dog was laying on the living room loveseat when the burglars broke into their home. The burglars are believed to reside in the neighborhood, but this has so far gone unproven. The family says they have lost the best dog they ever had to a senseless act of violence.

Click here for the video interviewing the Charlotte, NC family.

The population in Charlotte in the 2009 census is over 709,000 although the Chamber of Commerce says a more realistic number is nearly 757,000.,_North_Carolina

4. Hershey, a 10-year old Virgina Beach, Virginia cat recovered after being stabbed during a September, 2009 burglary in his home. The cat, a Persian, belongs to Joe Ciccone and his 13-year old daughter. He believes the burglar was already in his home when he and his daughter stopped by to pick up her pom poms for cheerleading practice about 11:30 on a Saturday morning.

He later recalled seeing his children's Wii system packed in a bag on the kitchen floor. He now believes the burlars left the bag and hid in the house until they left again.

They returned home from practice and his daughter found Hershey in the utility room floor with the 8-inch butcher knife protruding from his abdomen.

Hershey had been stabbed several times. He was treated with surgery and a blood transfusion

Virginia Beach has a population of over 433,000.

As you can see from the above cases, this problem can happen in any size town or city. We all leave our animals at home thinking them safe when inside their own home. Apparently we've been lead into a false sense of security on this issue as well.

I apologize if this article is a source of new worry for pet owners out there. I just wanted to make everyone aware this can and does happen. People are desperate these days with the economy being so bad. Plus some people are just plain mean. Crimes like this are bound to increase as some have no regard for human life. Much less the life of a four-legged friend whose only crime was to get in the way during a burglary.

Do all you can to protect your pets when you're away.


Elisa Black-Taylor is a regular contributor to


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    • profile image

      Mr rott 5 years ago

      That kids is why I have 3 huge Rottweilers and 4 Belgian shepherd malinois, all of them given sentry and duestchund training. My 2 of my Belgian shepherd s will stay indoors as a surprise for any burglar who I doubt wills manage to get past my 3 torts and 2 shepherd hahahaha

      they already "killed " a guy who decided that my TV looked nice

      dumb ass died of excessive dog wounds and a protruding intestine.....

    • Gerber Ink profile image

      Charlotte Gerber 7 years ago from upstate New York

      We live in a rural area, but people are just as mean here. Last Thanksgiving someone shot our dog (a large, white German Shepherd) in our front yard while we were away. Luckily, the dog survived. The vet said the bullet came within a 1/4 inch of her heart- so the shooter knew what he/they were doing. We think she stopped someone from entering our home since there were footprints all around our house (there was fresh snow on the ground at the time). The gunshot sound alerted neighbors who came to check it out and the perpetrator(s) fled. They were never caught though.

    • profile image

      Wooded 7 years ago

      Very sad topic, but a great hub. I hate to even think of this happening, but it is good to be aware. I can't imagine what I would do if someone hurt my babies. I have very large dogs that would definitely not back down, if there was a burglary it would be horrible. I've always assumed that big dogs are a deterrent, but this obviously isn't so.

    • onegoodwoman profile image

      onegoodwoman 7 years ago from A small southern town

      Through the years, I have kept

      many dogs. Most of them have

      been large enough to be called

      'guard dogs'. From time to time,

      there has been a cause for concern.

      Others have stated that I should have

      'turned the dogs out'...I have always


      so they can shoot my dog? No, I will

      keep the dog inside with me.

      It is another example of the

      perilious society that we

      now live with. Not everyone is kind, or has

      good intentions.

      We can no longer tell

      the good guys from the


    • Elisa Taylor profile image

      Elisa Black-Taylor 7 years ago from The beautiful Carolina's

      It's sad that in this day and age there's no place completely safe from animal abuse. We leave them home, they're not safe. We take them along-what if we wreck? I look for good news in the dog world but there's so much bad people need to be made aware of.

    • profile image

      lynncrandall 7 years ago

      thank you for articale i dont like to leave home if i dont have to but its makes me sick to here stuff like this keep up the good work elisa

    • profile image

      7 years ago

      My home was burglarized and my cats escaped through the open window. This is another thing to think about. They had never been outside and were lost and probably run over or starved. Poor babies.

    • profile image

      Ruth aka kattaddorra 7 years ago

      Too true and imagine a declawed cat facing a burglar,the cat would have no chance ! Or if the cat escaped from a broken window he would have no chance outside either against healthy animals.

      ANOTHER reason not to cruelly cripple a cat this way.

    • Lucky Cats profile image

      Kathy 7 years ago from The beautiful Napa Valley, California

      This article is very very important and we should all be aware that burglers are sick people who not only injure and kill people who get in the way but, also, and JUST AS IMPORTANT and JUST AS HEINOUS A CRIME, kill any animals who might alert homeowners to their presence. Great hub, Elisa. you are the animals' angel!!!

    • jillsama profile image

      jillsama 7 years ago from Gwinnett County Georgia

      I have two chihuahua pups who my husband and I call our kids, and I would just be unconsolible if something like this would ever happen. I'm so glad you brought awareness to this because there are so many pet owners who don't think twice when they leave their pet at home.

    • profile image

      Delana 7 years ago

      Where i lived in Ga, the burglars were poisiong aniamals before they robbed a house or gas station. they just threw meat over a fence and you know a dog w/ that. they are dead before u even know what happens