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Buy Bags on Board Regular Bag Refill Pack

Updated on July 24, 2010

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“This is a great product. Never had any problems with leakage.”

“I have several dogs and these bags are great deals. Couldn’t find cheaper ones anywhere else.”

“These are high quality bags and we’ve never experienced any problems with them.”

“I won’t buy any other brand as this is the best it gets. It’s also the best price.”

“These are great waste bags and very economical. I’ve ordered some for my family members too. They are expensive in stores but here on Amazon they are pretty cheap.”

"I bought this on Amazon. They had the cheapest price."

Click Here to Buy Bags on Board Regular Bag Refill Pack

If you have a dog and walk it on a regular basis, then you know your dog will do its deed just about anywhere. Unfortunately for you, in many places you have to pick up your dog’s waste or else you could get fined. For most people, picking up their dog’s waste with their bare hands if probably out of the question. Instead, they would use a waste bag.

The waste bag that I recommend buying is the Bags on Board Regular Bag Refill Pack. This pack contains 120 bags all of which are biodegradable. When I look for waste bags, I want the ones that don’t leak. That’s the whole point of having bags, so that you don’t have to touch the waste with your hands and get yourself dirty. That’s what’s so good about these bags. They don’t leak because they are double-sealed. Since there are nearly 120 bags, it takes awhile for me to go through them all. I don’t need to buy so often. But even if I had to, they are pretty cheap anyways so all in all, they are a great deal for a great product.


  • 120 refill bags to fit your Bags on Board dispenser
  • Great for picking up after your pet
  • Quick, clean, and easy to use
  • 8 rolls of 15 bags each


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